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Theatre of Parodies Presents
Jurassic World

Disclaimer: Everything belong to their respective owners

Part 1- Welcome to Jurassic World

At an Airport in Costa Rica, two boys named Ruby and Emerald whom won a prize to enter a Dinosaur Theme park. Emerald entered the contest which it was a one out of a million and Ruby was dragged along. Ruby whined along the way to Costa Rica where Sapphire has to go to Camp.

“Oh, I miss Sapphire. I wished I can enjoy with her.” Ruby said as he looks at her picture.

“Well, you stop complaining! You need to stop with that lovely dovely crap already! I can’t wait to see the Dinosaurs!” Emerald said as they head out of the Airport.

“Why does have to be here? It’s full of bugs and…” Ruby said when he smack the mosquito in his arm.
“Actually, it’s in the island about 120 miles west from here.” Emerald said as he shows him the brochure to Ruby.

“Really? An island full of robotic Dinos?” Ruby doubted as he looks at it.

“No, I heard it’s real. Something about cloning.” Emerald said while they head to the boat nearby where they will take them to the island.

“I doubt that. What’s the island called?”

“Isla Nublar on the brochure” Emerald said to Ruby as they entered to the boat. It seems that how the boat starts moving into the sea which the island is at 120 miles ahead. The way about he waves which to argue as Ruby think it’s a scam and Emerald heard it was true. Ruby think it’s just a nonsense dream about it. It seems how they appear to the seas as they travel by boat.

“You do realize this is a scam, right?” Ruby said to Emerald which back in his mind that the park will be a ripped off since there will be robots to portray as Dinosaurs.

“There’s no robots in this one! Trust me.” Emerald said as the boat continue to their trip. Upon miles of ocean, they reach to the island where both Ruby and Emerald spotted in the distance. Soon, they reach to the island’s docks and got off the boat.
They see many people coming though in the monorail.

“It seems our ride is here.” Emerald said as they entered the monorail car. Monorail car takes them to them where everyone in the monorail. A gate appeared to them as voice speaks up.

“You are about to enter the lost age from the Earth. We bring….” Voice stops for a moment. Everyone stops and watches the door opens to reveal to them.

“Welcome to Jurassic World.” John Hammond’s voice is heard which the Park is now open. Ruby and Emerald can see how the Theme park is not fake, but hopefully Ruby will think it’s not what it seems. Once, they step down on the Monorail only to spot on the first ahead was the petting zoo where….Ruby was rubbing his eyes to see little kids playing with robotic dinos? And the robots are so life like.

“Excuse me, Can you explain that why the robot looks so real?” Ruby asked one of the workers.

“Oh, no. That’s real.” Jurassic World Worker said to Ruby whom doesn’t believe him.

“That’s a lie and you know it. I mean there’s no real life dinos!” Ruby said until he says Emerald riding on a baby Triceratops.

“They are real to me.” Emerald said which Ruby was very surprised. They went inside of a large building where they finally understand that they are not robotics at all. Rather DNA based cloning which Ruby wondered. Mr. DNA appears in the Hologram explains the process where how they used. It appears that they got the DNA from Mosquitos, but they wanted to do frog DNA at first. However, they switch to Bird DNA where it science accurate much as possible.

“Wait wait. Who thought of this idea? I mean who want bring back dinos?” Ruby wondered which Emerald groaned which Ruby starts complaining about it. They go look around the park where they went to see a T-Rex paddock. They see a lone goat in the ground while they are log with a window.

“Um, why they put a goat there?” Ruby wondered in confusion until a flare appeared which something booming is heard. It surprises the boys and the others only witness a T-rex coming towards the goat and eats the goat live. Ruby looks in disgust and Emerald looked in joy as the T-Rex eats it well.

“I wished Sapphire was here to enjoy it.” Ruby reached for the restroom to throw up. They have a long way to go as they heard out to the Mosasaurus feeding show. Meanwhile, at the certain officer where lovely owner of the Park, White. A phone rings as she picks it up.

“This is White, can’t I help you?” White said as she signs certain documents.

“Professor Elm and some reporters would like to see you.” One of the workers said to her on the phone.

“Right away.” White said as she hangs up the phone. She sighs for a bit which it’s another day at the most successful park since it open in 2005. So far, no accidents or incidents ever happen which minor problems. She has to head down to the Hammond Research institute where reporters come to White as she entered the building.

“Excuse, miss. Will the new attraction will save the company from declining profits over the years?” One of the reporters come up to White as she is trying to enter the lab. That has been a truth behind it that over the years started in 2010 which attendance is been on a decline. They have tried to open new attractions, attendance spiked.

“The latest attraction will wow the crowd this time.” White said to the reports as she closes the doors behind them and heads into the lab where eggs are lay out. Professor Elm looks over the eggs.

“Professor.” White said as Elm turned around.

“Oh, Miss White. Would you like to know the progress we are having?” Elm said as he grab his notes.

“Well, is the Indominus Rex ready to go?” White said to Elm as he checked his notes.

“She already has, but in a faster rate. Fully grown since 2012.” Elm said as White is surprised that clone grown so fast. They bred two of them in 2012 and it was a planned attraction next month if they get the paddock ready to go. The paddock walls are much higher hoping to keep the dino in before.

“Well, I have to check the paddock and the creature just in case.” White said as she heads outside to the Indominus Rex paddock where they kept the creature in. She drives over there where it’s the paddock is beyond the park. It wasn’t a long drive since the island is not that big, but big enough to be a park on its own if done right.

When she bought Ingen, they had to recapture the dinos who were in the island. However, they discover the mistakes made by Ingen about the lessons of the park and done it correctly. They have redone the Dino DNA to be more bird like than frogs. White hopes that she won’t make the same mistake as Hammond did.

The park has been a success, but the visitors are becoming bored with dinosaurs over the recent years which created a drop in profits due to Youtube and current media technology. Indominus Rex was authorized by White to get the crowd back. She hopes that Jurassic World stays open and will remain in John Hammond’s dream to come true. It appears the complexity in her mind that hopefully that will gain the profits to recover the losses.

Maintaining the park is a nightmare since they have to cover the expenses to keep the Park running, but more they add the attractions the increase of the cost despite of the spike attendance in preorder tickets. She arrives at the paddock and enters inside of the window looking inside of the paddock.

“How’s our asset doing?” White asked one of the workers who has to watch over her.

“Oh, she’s doing well.” Worker said to her. She is glad to hear that, but something was not right in the window glass looked broken, but not smashed.

“What happen to the windows?” White wondered as she steps close to it.

“Oh, she tried to smash the window open.” Worker said as he eats his donut. Then over the windows
that she sees bones laying around.

“What happen to the sibling?” White asked to know what happen to the sibling because they bred two because sibling would able to make the creature more social able. Something was not right in this paddock.

“Well, it happened a year ago. They were just minding their business until one of them started acting strange…then somehow she killed it with her claws and ripped her apart…it gets worse…she proceeds to…You know I won’t explain it. Less you know the details the better. Short story, she ate her sibling.” Worker said in details, but cannot go with it since he has witness in first hand. That’s why he eats too much to get the images off in his head.

“Um, ok. I should bring Black for this safety of the Paddock.” White said as she flips the phone out. She hopes he’s not busy at this time.

Part 2: Raptor and Indominus Rex Issues

At other part of the Island, there is a certain pen holding a certain dinos that is not ready for display. It is a raptor pen where they are just training raptors as normal. The three raptors are hunting a pig where it managed to run away from the raptors. These raptors are more feathered kind where corrected DNA was fit in and acted more bird-like.  However, they are still dangerous due of their threat level is high.

“That’s good!” certain male voice is heard as he gave them treats. He uses a clickers to get their attentions. This Raptor trainer is Black whom is training with the raptors since they were newborns. He knew how dangerous they were, but he has managed to get their trust slowly due of their predatory nature. His father was a Lion and Tiger tamer whom he taught the skills and tricks to understand wild animals. When he was hired by Jurassic World to tame raptors in order to create a new attraction similar to a circus show.

He was hired personally by White whom he knew her since High School before she founded her company which grew more successful over the years. When he heard that she bought InGen and decided to build Jurassic World.

“Hey, Black? How’s the raptors?” Cheren said as he comes up to him as Black walks down from the bridge way.

“They are doing well. No complications. They seems to be responsible. They are not ready yet for the attraction.” Black sighed since it seems for the issue that raptors have an understanding about the being hungry rather be tamed. In his mind, they are far from being tamed. However, they have a mutual understand with each other.

They heard a pig got out and one of the handlers decided to get it back with a animal control pole, but the raptor got the pig which making him to fall down into the pen. This alerts the Raptors to see the handler on the ground. It seemed to be threat to them. Black sees this and decides to get the handler out.

“BLACK! NO!” Cheren screamed as he entered the pen to distract the raptors. Two men armed with electrical pulses are aiming at the raptors.

“NO NO! HOLD YOUR FIRE! If you put 12 amps on them, they are not going to trust me. Blue. Stand down.” Black said as the raptors slowly approach to Black. One of them snaps its mouth to Black.

“Hey! What did I say? Are you going to sass me?” Black said to Blue, the blue line raptor. Delta, the other raptor comes up to Black closely, but Black turns to her.

“Delta, back up girl! That’s good.  Just good. Good.” Black said as he slowly walk back to the exit. He knew that if he made a wrong move, it’s game over for him. He slowly steps back until a few steps which he reach to the exit behind him. He turned and quickly got inside where the raptors attacked at the same time. At least things got better for the worker is safe. Black looks at him.

“Alright, just don’t get the pig when it’s inside the pen. You must wonder why they hired you.” Black said as the raptor glared at the worker. It snarled at him as he looks at the raptor with fear. To him, it was a man-size hawk with sharp teeth with a strong distrust on him. Black in the other hand is not afraid of them.

“What’s the big deal with them?” Worker wondered as Black walks to the door gate.

“Well, they don’t trust anyone but me.” Black said as they get out of there. Moments later on, Black gets out of his cell phone which it’s White.

“Hey, Black. I may need your help to inspect the paddock we are about to open in next month.” White said on the phone.

“You need me to inspect it? Well, the T-Rex is fine with me and its…”

“No, it’s a new Dinosaur. A hybrid kind. Just come to the paddock at once.” White cut him off as she ended the call. Black wondered that why a hybrid dino. That doesn’t sound good to him at all. He went out only to look for the paddock, but the workers tell him that the paddock is ahead of him. He managed to get there in time and enters the paddock where White is standing by the windows.

“What kind of dinosaur is this?” Black wondered as he checks the paddock only by window.

“Well, the DNA base is T-Rex. The rest are classified.” White said which Black stared at her with dismay

“I think it’s a bad idea. Did she had any siblings?” Black said due his experience of raptors.
“Well, yes. She ate it.” White said much to Black’s surprised and realized when he saw the bones inside of the paddock.

“Let me get this straight. You put a giant creature with a sibling and it’s only source of food is a cane. If she ate her sibling, won’t make her go insane?” Black theorize that isolation would make an animal go insane because it appears they put there since birth.

“The walls are way too high for her to get out.” White said since the wall are 40 feet high. Considering the T-Rex is big, but the walls are bigger than the T-Rex. Black spots something in the distance.

“Wait. Is she always here?” Black wondered because she’s not found anywhere. White comes to  his side and sees that she is not here.

“That’s not possible. I saw it an hour ago.” White said as she turn to the worker.

“I’m not reading any heat signatures. Must be a tech malfunction.” Worker said as Black looks at White.

“You sure that the walls are high enough?” Black said as White nodded wildly.

“Yes, they are too high for her to get out of the paddock.” White said as she knows that there’s no way for her to get out from there.

“Then what’s with the claw marks?” Black wondered as he points out to White as the claw marks near the console panel.

“I’m going to take a closer look.” Black said as the other worker goes with him. White looks at Black with a concern look on her face.

“Please, do be careful Black.” White said to Black as he looks at her with a thumbs up stating that he got this. Soon, another worker works the two men to look into the claw marks. Unaware of them, something was watching them as they reach to the wall of the claw marks.

“It’s forty feet high, correct?” Black asked.

“Yea. Wait, but if she got out? Then won’t the others known already?” Worker said which the other work said radioed in.

“Hey, did anything have got out in the other side?” Worker asked the outside paddock worker.

“Um, no. Everything is ok. What’s the problem?” Outside Paddock Worker said as soon Black realized that it hasn’t escape and it’s still here.

“Oh….Let’s get back inside now!” Black shouted as they rush to the door. White watch in confusion why they are running back inside. However, something is in the way of the service door something so big. The feet looked like a raptor foot, the body and the head is a T-Rex, it’s hands are three fingers with a thumb, its tongue is very snake-like, and a horns on the top. The hybrid look at the two, but the other was running to the console panel which it was only way out.
The two run away from the Hybrid, but the hybrid got the worker before Black. The worker who ran before them whom open the door. White sees the Hybrid more clearly and sees the worker ripped in shreds and calls control center.

At the control center, they see the door of the hybrid is open. They are confused to know why the worker is inside in the first place.

“Why was he inside?” Bianca wondered whom the Control Center computer controller. Soon, a phone call ring. It was White.

“yes, Miss White?” Bianca answered.

“CLOSE IT!” White said.

“What about….”

“DO IT! We cannot let it loose on the island!” White ordered her to close which she press the button to close it.  The gate is closing up while Black is running towards it. He hope he can make it on time, but the hybrid is right behind him. He managed to slips though except the Hybrid forces the door to open wide for its escape. Black hides under a truck and now the Hybrid is free to get out of the paddock. It sniffs for the new prey since human meat is so good and cannot stop smelling it. She scans the area and found the smell whom her prey is front of the truck.

Black sees the worker in utter defeat and blood spatter as the bones are being crushed. Black quickly cut the oil wire of the truck to get rid of his scent. He covers his body with oil to trick the giant predator. He play dead and hoping it doesn’t find him. The Hybrid finishes eating her victim and sniffs her prey. She tried to smell under the truck, but the oil was very disgust to her. So, she gives up and moves on. In her mind, that she is free to roam the place and find more of the human meat, but for now she will explore and soon kill anyone in her path.
White witness how the Hybrid got out. She fell to her knees that it was already too late to stop it.

“What I have done?” White mutters as she has become the John Hammond. She gets out of the paddock only to see one of the worker’s bones with blood prints in the trucks. Then she hears something as Black crawl out of the truck.

“Well, I think your science project went batshit insane.” Black said as he faint to the ground.

Part 3: Roaring rampage

Indominus Rex is continuing walking in the jungle as to see more clearing to see the Park itself. She smells it as to discover more human meat to consume, but something got her attention as well. It was a new smell that she never seen yet. She want to try it soon and if she’s not hungry, she will play with anyone just like her sibling as before. She went in the jungle to look for the place.

Meanwhile, White called in the ACU to contain the creature. Black disagreed with White’s choice to bring the creature back and instead kill it in order to save the park. That was already too late since the ACU are their way to capture the Indominus Rex. The ACU passed by the river tour which Ruby and Emerald are in.

“So, what’s next after the River ride?” Ruby said to Emerald.

“I was thinking we can go to the bubble things.” Emerald said to Emerald as they spot a baryonx eating some fish.

“OK, then. After this, we are going to back to the Hotel.” Ruby said as they keep going in the tour. Unaware to them, something was lurking in the jungle while the ACU tracks the monster which it has a tracking device. They planted there since birth and now, they moving to the place. ACU squad moves out and entered to the deep of the jungle. However they found the tracking device, but only a flesh where it was.

“I don’t get it. Where is it?” ACU Commander said as he looks up only find blood in the leaves. He gets up and only to find his sqaudmates to look up.

“What are you looking at?” ACU commander said as his squadmates pointed their fingers at the tree. The Hybrid reveals itself to ambush the squad. The Hybrid killed the Commander without effort as the rest of ACU uses everything to get it contain, but it was too strong for their electric prods and notlethals. It knocked the ACU to the trees too hard resulted in their deaths.

“FRY HIS ASS!” One of the ACU bravely tries to fry her ass, but quickly got eaten in the end. Two of them tried to get one of their wounded out.

“GO! Get out of here! I will hold it off!” One of the ACU said as he fired his shotgun as it only made her angrier than before. This does nothing to affect her and comes close to the ACU whom run out of shotgun shells.

“Bad idea.” ACU soldier said as Hybrid grabs his leg and rips it apart. This made him in pain as Hybrid slowly takes his body parts slowly and painful. Hybrid left him to die as it goes deeper in the jungle.

Back in the control room, White is in big shock to witness it. Black is only one knows how dangerous this is.

“Well, shit.” Black said as they look into the cams as the Indominus Rex enters the jungle and left the screens. White had decided to evac the island and prepare for Defcon 1.

“Black, we are going for Defcon 1. That means everyone leaves the island. We have to kill it before it goes to the main park zone.” White said knowing they have to shut down the park temporary until order is restored.

“White, I know you wanted to keep Hammond’s dream alive.  But sometimes, things do go wrong.  You have to tell the people who wanted to see it that it’s been cancelled.” Black said to White.

“Maybe, we should close down the park.” White realized that maybe it’s not worth it in the end.

“We will end this. Even died trying.” Black said as she issues Defcon 1.
Meanwhile at the Jungle river ride, something was right with the Dinos even Ruby notices it. Emerald is worried though because the dinos are reacting to something.

“Um, do you have a bad feeling about this?” Ruby wondered as something below the river is moving towards them.

“Yea. Let’s go back.” Emerald said as the fish fled away.  The Hybrid appeared that rocked the raft on them. They screamed with their lives as the Hybrid tries to eat them. They reach to the edge, but the Hybrid is slowed by the current as it tried to get them. They continue to run with their lives only to encounter a group of triceratops whom don’t mind the humans, but only turned their heads to see the Indominus Rex. The Triceratops formed a Phalanx against the new threat. The Indominus never seen such formidable creatures as she tries to attack them, but their defense was strong. With her excellent eye sight, she spots the boys running and give a chase knowing they are better prey than the Triceratops.

Ruby and Emerald kept running only to find it’s hopeless to outrun it. They were ahead of the Indominus Rex and decided to climb up in the tree that was 50 feet tall. It was a easy climb for them only on time to hide on the branches above the Indominus Rex who arrived on time. She couldn’t see them, but tried to smell them. However, there was more tasty smell on her nose. She decides to go where the new smell is.

“What the hell is that?” Emerald said as they climb down.

“It looks like a dinosaur from hell.” Ruby said as they proceed on foot. They must return to the park. It seems that the bubble ride can wait for tomorrow. Black and White are alerting the customers that the rides are cancelled and they must return to the Hotel at once. This made the customers upset, but accepts the evac order until the boats arrived.

They head out to the park areas where they open the Dinosaurs are ok, but there are some rides are not yet done. One is the bubble ride is still on as one couple sees the herd of Apatosuarus whom returned a moment later. White sees the couple whom had a horror look on their faces.

“Hey, what happen?” White asked.

“I see….” Female tourist said as she hugs her boyfriend tightly.

“We see a herd of dinosaurs got slaughtered by a monster. We barely escaped from it.” Male tourist said as Black came by to hear this.

“The monster killed the dinosaurs like it was for sport. It killed one after another. We see how the dinosaurs tried to defend themselves from the monster, but the monster for them.  It gouge the eyes out. Ripped the tail off with its powerful jaws. It was able to hide in the tree lines only to lure them in. After that, it ate dino’s head. It looked at us. We were at shocked when it looked at us. It tried to destroy the ball, but we got out barely alive.” Male tourist continued as his girlfriend starts weeping on the sight she saw. White gets a call from Bianca.

“What’s going on!” White said.

“I am getting reports of many people missing!” Bianca said as the dots on the screens are missing. The dots are the tourists, but it stopped.

“It stopped…” Bianca said which White is worrying what it will do next. She had ordered a Unit of ACU to kill it with a Mini-gun is on the hunt. The crew found it near the Aviary.

“Alright! Light it up!” One of the ACU soldiers said as they open fire on the Indominus Rex whom spotted them only to run away and headed to the Aviary. She manages to break in and challenges the pterosaurs and Dimorphodon which releases them to the outside world. The Helicopter crew is under attacked by the flyers which resulted the helicopter crashed into the Aviary which opened a big hole. The Indominus Rex in victory heads out as the flyers got out of the Aviary.

Both Ruby and Emerald were lost until they reach to the abandoned Visitor Center from the first park. They venture inside of the building and they found some jeeps are operable and head out. They continue to drive only to hear something in the distance.

“Hey, you hear that?” Emerald said as Ruby turned his head for a moment only to see a flyers are heading to the park. They hit the gas as they continue to reach to the Park limits. The guards look at the incoming Jeep.

“Is that one of our own?” Guard asked.

“I dunno. Just open the door and we go find out.” Another guard said to them and they open the door. Ruby and Emerald got in and the guards coming down and going to ask them some questions.

“ok, what’s going on?” Guard asked them.

“Um, that.” Ruby pointed to the sky. They turned to see the flyers are diving to the park only to attack the tourists. It was a complete mayhem and chaos as they attacked them without ease. Soon, ACU and Black arrived on the scene to contain the flyers. It was a short affairs as the flyers retreated.  Later on, the raptor pen is under controlled as Cheren looks over.

“Hey, have you seen something odd?” Cheren said as he sees them flying overhead.

“They are not supposed to be here.” One of the workers said as the Indominus Rex looks from the edge of the Jungle. One of the workers was walking near it hit something.

“Huh? That’s odd. Is that a rock or…..” Young Worker wondered what it is. Then it is gone for a moment. It was in his mind as he goes back to the pen. Indominus Rex knew that something was alerting of her presence. So, she waits until nightfall to bend in.

Part 4: Queen of the Park

The Sun sets and the lights are lit soon arrived as Black came to Cheren. Unknown to them, Indominus Rex is using the cover of darkness seeing the raptors in their pen.

“Cheren, we got a problem.” Black said as Cheren comes to Black.

“What’s going on? Why the flyers are out of the Aviary?” Cheren said to Black as he explains to the situation to him. Meanwhile the Indominus Rex is getting close and attacked the workers at the jungle. Both Black and Cheren heard the screams, it alerted everyone.

“Everyone! Get out of here!” Black screamed as the Indominus Rex reveal itself to attack them. One worker was at its face is close to the face of the Indominus Rex looking at him. He was at the console panel as the Indonmius attacks him which his hands flailing, he accidently released the raptors. The Indominus looks at the raptors with a glare, but something was not right with Black and Cheren looking on.

“Something is not right.” Cheren said to Black whom is worried.

“Don’t tell me.” Black said as the raptors look on them. They started attacking on the workers as the Indominus Rex walks back in the jungle. Both Black and Cheren got on the car to get away, but somewhat that the raptors didn’t attacked them for some odd reason.

“Something is wrong with the scientific lab. I want to know why they wanted to make that thing to begin with.” Black said as it seems to be reasonable to go to the lab and find out. White was waiting for Black to return with Cheren. They entered to a lab and found nothing, but a computer revealing nothing….the Indominus Rex with DNA of Raptor, T-Rex, snake, cuttlefish, and Carnotarus, and a Tree frog.

“What the…..” Black said until they heard a gun crocked.

“Seeing something?” Elm said with a gun.

“Elm…why!” White asked as Elm along with InGen Mercenary troops.

“You see, White. I wanted to more than dinosaurs. I should invested more into the military arm.  Theme park. How stupidly Hammond can be. He never given me credit for creating such dinosaurs and I wanted share of it. Hammond was a greedy bastard. By the way, buying Ingen was a worst mistake you ever thought.” Elm said as Ingen are gathering the embryos.

“You will die here and while I escape to do in the name of science!” Elm said as they got out by helicopter. They are relief as they left, but only to find a raptor right front of them. They run away from the raptor, but they are surrounded by raptors. However, they don’t attack. Blue comes to Black. She nuzzles to him.

“I don’t get it.” Black said as soon the Indominus Rex appears before them. The Indominus Rex orders the raptors to kill the humans. They looked at Black, but they realized that the Indominus Rex is more a threat than anything else. Blue orders the raptors to attack the Indominus Rex, but the Indominus Rex killed two raptors without ease. White has decided to do something about it. She takes out her phone to call Bianca.

“Bianca, open the Rex Paddock.” White said as Bianca is worrying about the White’s choice to open the Paddock.

“White, are you sure about this?” Bianca said.

“Bianca, just do it!” White said as Bianca opened the Paddock and White turns on the flare. She hears the booming towards her. In the shadows, eyes appears before her only to reveal the T-Rex.

Note: All italics is the translations of the T-Rex roars. The dialogue is from Nostalgia Critic review on the T-Rex.

“WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?” T-Rex roared as she appeared before White. White runs with the flare in order to get the T-Rex to fight the Indominus Rex. Soon, the T-Rex destroys the Spinosaur skeleton and White throws the flare to the Indominus Rex whom finishes one of the raptors off. The Indominus Rex looks at the T-Rex as the T-Rex roars at the Indominus Rex.

“I’m the top of the Food chain, bitch!” T-Rex roared as she charges towards the Indominus Rex as she bit her neck only for the Indominus Rex to fight back only push the T-Rex down to the ground.. As Black, Cheren, and White are watching the fight going on. Blue, who was knock off jumps on the Indominus Rex’s back which helps the T-Rex out. T-Rex recovered and tackles the Indominus Rex.

“You cannot defeat such Awesomeness! By such Kickassery, it cannot be contained!” T-Rex roared as they both fight as T-Rex and Blue working together as they push it closer to the lagoon breaking one of the fences..

“Surrender or face age of extinction!” T-Rex roared as the Indonminus Rex is still recovering from the attacks of T-Rex and Blue.

“Then go fish” T-Rex roared as the Indominus Rex was ambushed by Mosasaurus whom eats it and resulted the end of the Indominus Rex. Both T-Rex and Blue looked at each other and they were too tired as they parted their ways. Blue looks at Black whom nodded at her.  Blue gathers one of her sisters whom is still alive from the Indominus Rex.

Later, the following day where Ruby and Emerald are ok while White comes up to the park. Everyone looks at her. It is a first time she would have to do this, but for the dream must come to an end. She took a breath and speaks to the mic.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, due to the recent incidents we have decided to close down the park forever. We had a good run, but I hope you understand that long it can. The park will be closed for long time. I’m sorry.” White finishes as Bianca, Black, and Cheren comforted her. They applauded at her. Black and White look each other in the eye knowing they have to evolved from this disaster.

Back at Nublar, T-Rex is at the building where the control center is looks over the park remains. She remembers how her life flashes before her eyes. From her birth, first incident, recapture, star attraction, and now heroine. She knows that it’s been long since 1993.

“I’m the motherfucking T-REX!” T-Rex roared as the sun rises. Everything is alright in the end.


A Tv news stated about Isla Nublar incident where they reported about the deaths of the people. They have shown the images as how they get the wounded out. Malcom whom is married with Crystal for past 22 years.

“I was right about this. But no, they didn’t listen to me.” Gold said as Crystal came to him.

“At least they tried.” Crystal said to him.

“Well, it could be worse. Say, what happen to Elm?” Gold wondered as Crystal looks at him.

“I haven’t heard ever since he was hired for Jurassic World.” Crystal said as Gold pondered.

Meanwhile at California, Elm returned only to meet a shady fellow.

“Dogson, it’s been a long time.” Elm shook hands with him.

“It has been, Doctor. Got the embryos?” Cryus asked him.

“Yes.” Elm said to him as they took down the Embryos.

“Good. Biosyn will take over on the upstart company.” Cryus said as he laughed manically.

The End
Theatre of Parodies presents: Jurassic World
I bring you guys the Jurassic World, the sequel to the Jurassic park. warning: This contain spoilers if you haven't seen the movie. It stars Ruby, Emerald, White, Black, Cheren, Bianca, Elm, Crypus, with guest stars Gold and Crystal from Pokemon Special. They embrace a sequel which meant to be. Sorry about the gore, violence, and the language. I hope you guys enjoyed it.
I am at weakest point. I feel I am worthless.

Chapter 5: Halo array gone frenzy

After the escape from the Covenant cruiser, Gold flies around in a banshee, which discovered island with an opening as he flew in there. It's a huge tunnel amazed Gold seen. Not only that, he's amazed by the Halo ring as in terms of the environment those of Earth.

"What's this going to?" Gold wondered as he goes deeper in the tunnels. He guides the Banshee into the tunnels.

"I wonder this tunnel will lead us to?" Crystal sarcastic doubting his flying skills as he flies the banshee into the tunnel.

"Glee, I wonder?" Gold pouted out with hint of annoyance. Gold flies around as he finds a way to an entrance to get out of the tunnels.

"You do know you can stupid sometimes. Why did Captain Keyes entrusted to you?" Crystal wondering that is why Captain Keyes entrusted him to protect her at all and wondering why it seems he is there to begin with.

"Yeah, I heard that all the time." Gold replied as he landed on a strange pad. He gets out of the Banshee. He prepares himself for an attack, but he stops to see something.

"Man, someone did the work here." Gold remarked to see dead bodies along the way. That surprises Gold that he wanted to get some of the action.

"Oh, well at least no enemies around here and those are here are dead." Gold said as he pokes the body of the jackal with a stick which it appeared out of nowhere.

"I see." Crystal remarked as Gold enters the door to see more dead bodies ahead of him.

"Well, I get moving. Also I have to carry you in my head."

"At least I can give you advice in battle." Crystal remarked what happen to last time. But she is very thankful that Gold was able to force the Covenant battalion unit to retreat to battle. That somehow admired Crystal of Gold's reckless, but very luck-based strategy and tactics which it was unique.

"Thank you for the info." Gold complain to Crystal for her knowledge to his extent to annoy him which he considered her as a nuisance than a helper in contrast. They continue to walk in a long way. It seems to go on forever to Gold's tiredness and getting bored with constant walking until they have reach to the Halo command center which it was a long walk, but they were stragglers along the way which mostly by Grunts and Jackals who didn't get killed by Master Chief.

That pleases Gold to kill them with joy which much to dismay to Crystal, but knew what he has to do. He continues his path where the Master Chief went. Only covenant stragglers can pick up a weak fight against Gold with much ease. Gold would a crack a joke to the grunts who run away that even they attempt to run away from him.

"OK, someone forget to kill those guys and. Whoa! Look at this place is huge!" Gold screamed to see the wonders that why a Halo ring can hold a place such as a large room which to his own surprise. He goes near the terminal, but doesn't noticed the lights are blinking that something is not right.

"Look, connect me to that terminal." Crystal asked to Gold.

"OK." Gold puts Crystal into the terminal. The blinking goes blue to red when suddenly another AI appeared, it's Cortana herself.

"What's going on?" Cortana shouted which made Gold gets scared by another UNSC A.I unit appeared right front of him.

"Another A.I unit?" Gold wondered and wanted to know why Cortana is there in the first place. That means Master Chief was here before Gold came here.

"Who this another A.I unit in the system?" Cortana demanded as Crystal comes back as well.


"Crystal, long time no see. How you been girl?"

"It's all cool, I guess. How you been?"

"Nothing much, girl. Why take you out of storage?" Cortana asked to Crystal

"You know vital data and stuff."

"Figures. Who is this Spartan?" Cortana asked as she faces towards Gold.

"Oh, he's Gold. We are partners in a top-secret mission: to protect me. How unoriginal is that" Crystal replied.

"I see that…Isn't this the…" Cortana said as she turns to Gold as he grins at Cortana.

"HI! You want go with me?" Gold asked until his armor got locked. This shocked Gold unaware what's going on.

"What the? What is this? Why I'm stuck?" Gold whined as he tries to move without avail.

"I hope this lecher will stop for now." Cortana told to Gold as she turns to Crystal.

"So what's happening? What are you here in the first place?" Crystal asked to Cortana.

"Well, I have this massive data about this ring hold a terrible danger to all us."

"Danger? What kind of danger?" Crystal worried to wonder what's going on since she is barely getting much data she can.

"A terrible thing that Covenant fears the most not even them can't stop it."

"I see and…."

"You must get out of here!" Cortana warned to Crystal. Cortana's words made Crystal worried.

"Why is that? I don't understand."

"You must get out here before they come or we will end up becoming them."

"I understand, Cortana." Crystal said as she looks at Gold.

"I will unlock him if he understands."

"I understand." Crystal said as she goes back to the chip while Cortana turn to Gold.

"Good luck." Cortana said to Crystal as she unlocks Gold which Gold relieved to move around

"What happened?"

"Pull Crystal out of the Terminal. Get out of here! Find the Pillar of Autmn!" Cortana ordered to Gold which he is getting confused what's going around.

"Ok and then?"

"Crystal will tell you along the way."

"Sure, ba….." Gold said only to try to use a pick up line again, but Cortana cut him off.

"Don't call me babe or armor lock again."

"Ok. You're like Super Serious Gal in a way. Like 100 times more serious than her." Gold responded in fear left the control room before he gets Crystal out of the terminal. He runs out of the control room as he inserts the clip into his helmet wanted to ask Crystal about the situation which he doesn't know what is going on.

"So, what is going?" Gold asks Crystal to wonder situation Cortana was talking about.

"I will explain things when we out of here."

"I hate things has unexpected like the Covenant or worse. Like something far worse." Gold sadly complain when they reach outside. They had gotten out of the canyon to begin their long trek to go to the ship crashed down. They saw covenant units in their path, but Gold with his writs or recklessly to fight his way out. But since it was a long way to the reach as which Gold and Crystal began having conversations to kill time to get there.

"That's why Reach got destroyed because of you are unlucky?" Crystal pouted at Gold's story which he was on a UNSC ship that Covenant places a tracking signal in it.

"Well, I was a spaceship that has a tracking device and it got the planet destroyed. The ship captain didn't know the tracking device was on the ship. I blamed him instead." Gold muses to the fact which he was on that ship didn't regard of unlucky moment.

"Terrible." Crystal sigh to his antics.

"I hope nothing trouble comes." Gold remarked until noises are heard out of nowhere. That frightens Gold which he was holding on his assault rifle. He keeps his senses as it were something danger is approaching him. He has sharp reflexes and keeps his wits up.

"What the hell was that?" Gold said as he relaxed and lowers the assault rifle, but still worrying that something is going to happen.

"I forgot to mention those are the ones. We should leave the ring. Also they will try to kill us. Like right now!"

"Great, I have faced those…." Gold remarked to know what's he going to face. One flood combat form look like a zombie version Sangheili with plant-like features looking at Gold.

"They are the Flood, outer space zombies."

"Zombies?" Gold recalled as he remembers zombie movies back on his days which creeps him out, but knows how to deal with them.

"So, they are so slow and so stupid that they can't use a gun. What could be worse?" Gold said until a gunshot is heard as the Flood combat forms carry all weapons. This shock Gold to see that they are fast and carrying guns which it is going become a tough fight for him.

"Or maybe not." Crystal said as the Flood attack Gold with infection forms, infected humans, and infected covenant forms.

"Crap! NEVER MIND!? WAHHHH! I DIDN"T GET DRAFTED FOR THIS!" Gold shouted as he runs for his life from the Flood as they chase him out of the area. But there's always more flood coming to his way which much to dismay.

"I didn't expect this to happen!" Gold whined. He throws a grenade at a group of Flood as exploded into bits.

Chapter 6: Attack of the Flood

In the Halo ring, Gold runs for his life from the Flood swarms attacking him. He fires back at the Flood forms. He narrowly escapes, but more flood forms started to appear with larger numbers. It looks things are looking good in his part as he flee and fight his way in the ring across to get somewhere to find something to get off the ring and return to Earth.

"Man, how big is this ring?" Gold remarked as the Halo is huge unlike he never seen before. He never thought that the Halo ring is super huge except only scientist knows the true diameter of the ring. It happens to be Crystal who worked with a scientist before.

"Roughly diameter about size of Mercury I would say." Crystal retorted to calculate the Halo ring's structure. Gold fires with his shotgun at the Flood form exploded more infection forms came out.

"Aw, crap. What we do to get out of this ring?" Gold whined as he continued to fire his assault rifle at a flood form.

"Maybe I should check the Enemy's battle network to know what's going on." Crystal said as she scans and hacks the Covenant battle network.

"I thought this mission is getting worse by the minute." Gold complained that nothing can go wrong except for something is following him. It was a flood forms are coming after him.


"Just checking. Please, Can you wait for 5 minutes if I come up with something?" Crystal said angrily as she checks the Covenant battle network which in it will take time. But Gold is very impatient to wait for her to get the information due of the Flood swarms are coming towards him.

"We got two options is either to die trying or die for nothing. How about giving up? Giving up is easy, I mean we can live without dying at all." Gold said as he fires at the Flood form with a shotgun. He pumps the shotgun to fire again at a Flood form. More coming towards him as they never seem to end.

"We can't give up now besides we barely on this ring for a few days. Stop complaining"

"Oh, sure. Could not get any worse from this?" Gold sarcastic said as more flood forms are coming towards him in the distance.

"It could be."

"Like what? Such as?" Gold remarked until Flood combat forms and infected forms came to him. Gold can stare at them with notion he was wrong.

"You have to open your big mouth?" Crystal pouted to the fact that more came due of his loud mouth.

"Oh, that. Run!" Gold shouted as he runs with his life while the flood chases him. He threw a grenade which blew up a group of flood.

"But do they look uglier as they appeared up close!" Gold pointed out as they go around the ring with comedy stretch show ways as Gold hides in a tree, random building with door chasing as Gold encounters alien dinosaur who about to eat him as he rushing closes it. In an open plain, he is surrounding by the Flood.

"Oh, crap. What I do?" Gold said as more flood are coming towards him. He continuously fires his shotgun and his pistol at the flood which able to take them down. He was going down to his last clips while holding off of the swarm.

"Wait, I got an idea." Crystal told Gold while he fires his pistol towards a flood combat form.

"What?" Gold said as he perks up to hear Crystal's plan.

"Get on the warthog!" Crystal said as she directs his helmet by pointing to a warthog nearby. Gold takes this hint to get on the warthog as they escape from the Flood. He continues to drive on his way. He is enjoying to run over the flood in large numbers.

"OHHHHH." Gold drive while he runs over the flood which too much surprise for Gold. He fought his way out of the flood as he taking a break away from the Flood. He gets off of the warthog and sat down on a rock. Gold is surprises that neither flood nor covenant are here to stop Gold.

Gold is now relaxed that which too much for he has a crazy adventure that he expected in terms he faced and battle space zombies and killer alien alliance to wipe out the human race. What could be worse for Gold to handle and the other than Crystal, an A.I. unit in his helmet?

"Now, I got rid of them. What now? Hey, Super Serious Gal?"

"What I told you about calling me that!" Crystal shouted which in the cyberspace of Gold's helmet which she is blushing when he said that.

"I am beginning to wonder you like that nickname since you're all serious and strict." Gold smirk which made Crystal upset over the fact she doesn't like called like that, but Gold begs to differ.

"Anyways. Gold, what you want?" Crystal asked to wonder why Gold was asking her first.

"What you know about me?" Gold wondered why she does the fact why she put up with him.

"What do you mean? I have to watch you since Reach." Crystal remarked.

"Wait, what?" Gold said which made Gold shocked to hear that.

"Oh, Nothing. I just was talking nonsense." Crystal rebuked what she said.

"No, wait. What do you mean since Reach? I don't recalled remembering you on Reach. I, to become a Spartan." Gold said as he remembered no A.I. unit has ever met him except for "dumb" A.I.s.

"No, it's….I…malfunction what I said." Crystal said to avoid a pointless argument.

"I should let this pass. I was wondering that what's like as a computer."

"It's not bad one except for…." Crystal said which made Gold interested in the subject.

"I got a year left to go." Crystal sadly said which Gold was surprise to hear.

"Why?" Gold wondered why she has seven years to go. Gold is wondering why she has seven years to live and why has that way for her unlike him has spent 16 years of his life..

"All A.I.s like me and Cortana have seven years. It has to do with something that we cannot live beyond seven years or else we enter a state known as rampancy."

"I see. Hey Crys, don't worry about it." Gold stated to know why Crystal has one more year left to go.

"Really?" Crystal said.

"Yeah, remember you mention that they haven't a machine to make you into a real person." Gold remarked to see what she would like look in life.

If they did…I hope you look hot, busty, and a nice ass." Gold grins which made Crystal very mad that Gold ruined the moment.

"It's nice for you to ruin the mood." Crystal said angrily to his words that ruin the moment.

"Yeah I did." Gold sarcastic thanks for his remarked

It seems for Gold and Crystal laughed because of his remarks which surprise to the both of them. After that moment of silence between them.

"What can we at the next morning?" Gold asked

"Maybe we go to Pillar of Autumn."

"Ok, where we go?"

"It's about 10,000 yards from here."

"Aw, crap. Did I've to drive all the way over there?"

"Yes. So, quit complaining. You better start doing it." Crystal yelled at Gold which he has to comply since he has to go home.

"Oh, fine. I hope I won't counter those things again." Gold said as they move on to get to the pillar of autumn which it is a rough trip to get there. The next morning came that Gold woke up as he gets on the warthog on the driver's seat. He drives off to Pillar of Autumn which along the road to meet more of the flood coming at him.

"Why has more of those things? Why I have myself in those situations?" Gold said as he runs over the Flood forms as he continues to drive. But the Flood combat form uses a rocket to hit the warthog which knocked out Gold.

"What I do now!" Gold said unknowingly he has a shotgun at his hand.

"So, stop complaining. Why you haven't use your gun, you idiot?" Crystal said to point out that he has a shotgun at his hands.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I just keep forgetting that I grab more ammo along the way." Gold figures out to kill the flood and figures he has to fight his way to the pillar of autumn. This is a going to be a long trip to the ship.

"I hope I can survive this!" Gold said as he lock and load his weapon.

"You will. Trust me." Crystal said as they continue to run as Gold fights the Flood.

"That's easy to say. Oh, no." Gold pouted as more Flood appears as he runs to the ship. It seems for Gold that they are nearly 2000 yards near the Pillar of Autumn. Gold also found that he can use the weapons that he killed the flood combat form was carrying.

More flood start pouring in as he fights them despite the fact that they never end there to begin with. But for the adventure on the Halo ring is long, but unforgotten moment for Gold and Crystal.

Chapter 7: Escape from the Halo and the aftermath

Outskirts of pillar of autumn, after avoiding and killing the Flood Gold made it at last. It was long and difficult for him to endure worse of the worse. A way about Crystal knew that Gold would make it.

"We're here at last." Gold cheered after exhausted from his violent trip leaving behind piles of corpses of the flood and covenant units behind him.

"Finally after a long walk."

"Well, there are aliens are trying to kill us, but there zombies are doing the same thing. How about we escape from this dumb ring and go home?" Gold said as he walks near the opening holes of the Pillar of Autumn.

"The ship is still intact. Let's find a craft to get us out of here." Crystal said.

"So, let's get moving." Gold said as they get inside of ship and find the craft. Gold gets lost in the ship again. Unknown to him, Master Chief got inside Pillar of Autumn as to set up detonate the ship self-destruction.

"Great, where's the hanger bay? I keep forgetting where I'm going." Gold complained wondering he forgot where to go to. Sudden alarms and the red lights are blinking that give Gold a scared.

"What the? Alarms? We're not in space! Unless…" Gold panicked to know what is going on with the ship is trying to blow up.

"NO, this ship is about to explode!" Crystal said as Gold runs for his life to find an air craft.

"WHAT?" Gold shouted

"Don't worry about this. We have enough time to get there."

"How long I want to know?"

"About 3 minutes and the hanger is about 500 yards ahead."

"Oh, s*&^!" Gold cursed out as explosions are occurring everywhere.

"We have no time for this. Let's go!"

"Oh, fine!" Gold complained which after hearing the alarms, Gold runs and sees Master Chief as he runs to the last fighter. The Flood appeared which made Gold to run with his life even more.

"Wait for me!" Gold shouted which gotten Master Chief's attention.

"Chief!" Cortana shouted as Master Chief gets Gold inside the fighter. Gold made it and the only survivors are the Spartans and other marines who made it out of halo which they seen the ship exploded in the distance and fled via by Pelicans.

"Man, I'm so alive." Gold sighed as he sat down on the floor. He can relaxed for now.

"Yeah, but I don't this is over." Crystal remarked as the fighter has stopped for everyone to witness destruction of the Halo ring.

"What you think that?"

"Because I think it's only the beginning."

"Aw, great. Something is telling me about this isn't over yet." Gold whined which the war is not over for him.

"Spartan-721? Gold-721? I do remember you in your basic training." Master Chief surprised to see Gold, another Spartan.

"Chief, how you been?" Gold high-five to Master Chief which he does high-five as well.

"What brought you here?"

"I got this A.I which she has information. But she's a super serious gal as well." Gold said which Crystal nearly gets upset when he called her that again.

"Oh." Master Chief said while Gold relaxed as he sits down.

"Gold, can you plug me in that terminal?" Crystal asked as Gold complies to do it.


"Chief, pull me that terminal too." Cortana asked to Master Chief puts her there as Gold puts Crystal in the terminal too.

"So, Cortana, what we do now?" Crystal asked.

"We find a way to go back to Earth." Master Chief pointed out their solution.

"Earth? That's where I was born." Gold shocked to hear that. He was born in Earth, but like all Spartans brought to Reach.

"I never heard a Spartan was born there before." Cortana amazed that to hear that other Spartans were from other colonies as well.

"Well, born in Japan of course." Gold answered that he is a Japanese Origin, but he has a Kansai accent compared to those born in the Kanto area.

"What's Earth looks like? I see pictures and the heard about it?" Crystal asked Gold wondering what Earth look like.

"Well….we'll see it when we get there." Gold nervously answered.

"We have to report our mission to Admiral Hood about this." Master Chief mentions of their superiors to know about. The UNSC needs to know about the Halo rings as it seems a very critical data for vital information to use against the Covenant.

"Correct. We have report this." Cortana agreed with Master Chief as he sat down..

"OK, how long that the Covenant find out about Earth?" Gold asks Cortana knowing that bring doom to his home world. That he knows that Humanity is losing the war, but still hold on to prevent the Covenant to know about Earth as which Gold worried

"That, I don't know." Cortana answered with much relief to Gold.

"Wait, how we have to get to Earth?" Gold asked again hoping he doesn't want to stay in the ship for too long. He wants to go home after all.

"Like a week or so." Master Chief answered which surprises Gold.

"A week?" Gold said with much dismay. Staying on a fighter will cause him bored to death as the same for anyone if they fit into his shoes.

"Based on slip space on this fighter craft size. Yeah, a week would do." Cortana told to Master Chief and Gold

"Swell." Gold complain as how slip space works, but he never pay attention in his classes after all.

"So, how are they going to survive without food and water?" Crystal wondered.

"Relax, don't worry about it, our suits will last us enough for about a month." Master Chief pointed out.

"I didn't know that." Crystal amazed to hear that.

"Yes, I already knew that. I did remember you when you were a trainee." Master Chief pats Gold on the shoulder.

"I was living in the moment. Besides I already knew that." Gold smirks.

"Liar" everyone said when Gold said that.

"I think we should save the power and besides we have a week to get to Earth." Cortana told the Spartans and Crystal.

"Yeah, you're right." Crystal said.

"Let's go to sleep." Master Chief said as he removed his helmet. (Note: No, I will not describe what he looks like because the creators of Halo didn't want us to see his face.)

"Yeah, I think you're right."

"I will shut the main power and leave some for slip space traveling." Cortana prepares the power to lower to travel to Earth.

"Ok! Eh, Gold?" Crystal asks Gold as he prepares to go to sleep.

"What?" Gold replied wondering what Crystal has to say.

"Did you need anything?" Crystal wondered that Gold needs anything that could he requires.

"Well, no thank you. I can just sleep here. So, I would have a good night sleep." Gold respond that he didn't anything at all, but worried that why Crystal ask him for. After all, he has completed his mission to prevent the covenant to take her.

"You know it's not nighttime. Space is always night. Also there's no time in space." Crystal sarcastic said because they are in space.

"I knew that." Gold pouted out as he relaxes himself to more comfort place to sleep in.

"What kind of A.I unit knows everything when she went self-aware? I mean she's just a program or is she?" Gold thought as he closes his eyes.

"I'm just going to shut down for save power. Aren't you going to sleep mode?" Cortana asked Crystal wondering that she will shut down as well.

"No, I will watch things from here. I will just sleep in a moment." Crystal tells Cortana if that something bad will happen. She couldn't take the risk for covenant patrol is ambush them.

"I see. Wake us up if we got something. I set up a beacon for any UNSC ship to get us," Cortana tell Crystal in that would not worry and expected for Crystal to go into sleep mode after she set up a beacon.

"OK." Crystal said as Cortana shuts down and Crystal looks at Gold with curiosity. She wondered what events on the Halo have bought them a bond like no other. She doubted things before, but somehow something is affecting her system. She's getting upset and flustered by his antics, not to mention blushing. She wondered an A.I. unit cannot be blushing; it's more a human condition. Crystal known human are nothing new that has chemical reactions when come to the opposite sexes, but that seems for her to know things called, "Emotions."

She by Professor Oak that she was from the Professor's late wife that she didn't know about. She keep no memory of that earlier life except for that she remembered that Oak was the only man of his wife. She knows that another A.I. unit, Serina had retained a memory of the previous owner that she remembered kissing a boy.

How could A.I. like her were once human beings could remember human things and do wonderful things except them are nothing but a system, program, and…..a machine? But to Gold didn't regard her as a thing, more like a human being? A Spartan she understands, but she couldn't understand that human use A.I. to work and that wasn't the case. Gold didn't rely on her except she had to give him advice as he complains.

"Gold, I hope you have sweet dreams. I wish I can dream. I could dream about us." Crystal said as she looks after the ship.

Chapter 8: Home to Earth.

"Where am I?" Gold said weakly to see a city. It's Shizuoka, where he was born before taken by the UNSC Spartan program. He sees people are shopping, playing, conversations, eating, and couples are dating. He stands around the crowd as to see the awe of the futuristic how it got, but still keep culture in the air.

"Am I? Home?" Gold surprised when a ship appears and then explosions appeared as buildings are getting destroyed.

"What's going on?" Gold said as he holds on until the ship disappears as the city too. Something takes him to a strange building like the one in Halo ring. It was empty for one without any covenant units in there.

"What is this strange place?" Gold asked himself as he walks down until he sees a door that opens to see a room that has data and strange chamber. Gold is curious as he walks towards the chamber to see large boxes. It was a odd as the control panel is blinking.

"What is this?" Gold wondered as he comes near the control panel. He checks the buttons that he knew what Crystal said, its forerunner. He taps it until….


"Who said that?" Gold shouted as he turns around to see Crystal as a girl with blue hair, her anti-gravity pigtails, gym shorts, and red shirt as well. She is smiling towards him and it started to freak him out which he's aware that is not normally real, but got a bad feeling about it.


"Super Serious Gal? Crys? Aren't you an A.I unit? What's going on?" Gold asked to wonder what is going on. He looks at Crystal who is in fact a living human being. She in a human form, a real life. She can spoke very softly.


"Crystal, what are you going? Crystal, Come Back!" Gold shouted as he chases Crystal until she disappears as Monster took her away which looks an evil version of a Venus flytrap (Gravemind, the evil leader of the Flood) about 300 feet tall laughing evil. Then the flood overtook Gold until he woke up screaming.

"Noooo!" Gold shouted in terror and he looks around to see Master Chief and Cortana sleeping. He turns to the Panel noticed that Crystal went to shut down mode. He blinks for a moment and puts his hand on his head.

"Oh, what a nightmare. I hope Crys is ok." Gold relieved as he sees the terminal with blinking which means Cortana and Crystal are in the terminal. They are both AI, right? It can't mean they can dream, but Crystal wishes to become a real girl. He shook the thought.

"Crys. Oh, that was a close one. What are those images? Is Earth is going be attack by Covenant? After events of Halo Ring, I somehow feel attached to Crystal? Or is it? Nah, how can a man fell in love with A.I unit? Could be? No, what after I failed at Reach. I had to finish the mission. Maybe I can do something to repay her or….." Gold bluffs himself which he comes up to the terminal to pull Crystal up into his helmet.

"Huh? This isn't the terminal? This is more like?" Crystal panicked.

"In my mind." Gold retorted to her surprise.

"Gold? Why did you do that? Aren't you supposed to be tired?"

"Well, I didn't feel sleepy anymore." Gold answers her question that in fact he is worrying about her.

"Why is that?"

"I did have a bad nightmare, you see."

"Can I ask you, something?" Crystal asks Gold which he perks up and listens to her.

"What is it?"

"What is like to dream?"

"It's pretty cool, I guess. Then again, it can strange or out of the reality as well. Why you ask me that?"

"Oh, just asking. I wanted know what's like to dream." Crystal wonder what's like to know to dream which A.I.s cannot dream.

"I see."

"It just I spend 6 years of being A.I as when all A.I only have 1 more year to live. I end up being a wasted unit."

"Oh. That's tough and not fair. I mean they should give you more years. "

"Maybe, but I just envy all girls who are real. I want to know as a human. I want to do things like human girls always do except for some cases."

"What you mean? You're pretty cute to me." Gold remarks which that cheer Crystal up from his words that comfort her.

"Oh, really?"

"Of course, I am being to understand why they put you in the storage. And they put me in charge to take care of you. Besides you have this spiky and crazy hair format, not to mention a bossy Personality. For a computer I mean."

"Gold, You… Crystal said when she was about say something until there is flashing lights in Space.

"This UNSC, Redoubtable. We have your homing beacon. Prepare for board." UNSC officer said over the intercom. The ship comes close to the fighter.

"Crystal, Looks like we're going home at last." Gold cheered as they about to enter the docks of the Redoubtable. They are so glad to see the UNSC.

"At last, we have contract at last." Crystal relived of this as the Longsword fighter comes to dock. They get out of the ship. The officers of ONI approached them with paper clipboards. They are somehow docile to know what happen to them.

"Sirs, come this way. We will back to Earth in a few days. Lord Hood wants to know you report." One of the Officers asked Master Chief to report the file about the grave news what happened in Reach and the Pillar of Autumn of Captain Keyes.

"Understand." Master Chief said as the Redoubtable goes to Slipspace which they arrived at MAC station, Cairo in couple days. Gold looks at the window to see his birth planet, Earth. Humanity's last bastion and home world of the human race which the UNSC made sure they will never find it.

"I'm Home! I was gone for 11 years and still look the same." Gold said for he is joyful to see his planet is still intact. He hasn't been home since he was out in Reach and other battlezones he was in for the last two years.

"Why is that?" Crystal wondered why Earth is important to him, but at the same time that she wanted to know about the planet as it seems for humanity came from.

"You see, Earth is a beautiful place to live."

"Oh, how is like in Earth?"

"Well….I can't wait for billiards and the girls on the surface. Not to mention gambling as well." Gold exclaims as Crystal sighs while the UNSC ship docks with Cairo.

"Spartan-117, you are to report to Lord Hood. And Spatarn-721, reported to one of our chief scientists in level 3." One of the Marines with a clipboard telling the Spartan where to go as for each Spartan tasked to.

"Understood. Gold, good luck" Master Chief comply the order as they go their ways. Gold enters the room.

"What is that place?" Gold asked to see old man around his 50s wearing a lab coat. He is holding an electrical panel on his hands.

"It has been a long time. Is it? Spartan-721? I remembered you in your training." Professor Oak said which Gold surprised to see him.

"You're…..Do I know you?" Gold asked to Crystal and Professor Oak shocked that as if Gold didn't know about Professor Oak at all.

"I'm the one of the chief scientists of ONI, Professor Oak. I remember your case during the program. Do you have the A.I unit with you?" Professor Oak asks Gold that Crystal is on his helmet.

"Yes, I do."

"Plug her in the terminal." Professor Oak tells Gold as he plugs Crystal out. He looks at the chip with worried look. But he comply his order as he puts Crystal into the Terminal.

"Crystal, are you fine?" Professor Oak asks Crystal after the ordeal of the events of the Halo ring.

"It was horrible that I know of. But it could been worse."

"Ok, then. How's your trip from Reach?"

"Terrible, but we landed on strange ring called Halo." Crystal reported to Oak's surprised.

"I see. Anything you learn about the ring?"

"It's a forerunner. There are many things about it. I managed to save some of the data I gotten from Cortana."

"Hey Old man, is there anything I can do?" Gold asked.

"No, that will be all."

"Oh. Request to speak to Crystal for a moment?"

"Why you ask, Spartan?"

"Well, she is just was my mission to bring her here. And want to say good-bye to her. That means I complete my mission right?"

"Very well, you may speak to her. You got 5 minutes." Professor Oak warns as Gold walks to Crystal.

"Crystal, I wanted to say is."


"I…..want to thank you for we have been through."

"Oh, don't mention the time we have together."

"Now, I have to go and get debrief or whatever they do on me. Like missions that will lead me to my demise."

"OK." Crystal respond as Gold walks to the door.

"Gold!" Crystal shouted as Gold stops to turn to face Crystal.

"What is it?"

"I want to say…..Good bye and be careful." Crystal said which at a sadly tone.

"Bye." Gold said as he waves at her and then leaves the room. After he closes the door only to stops for moment as it seems that he completed his mission, but somehow felt detached from Crystal. But he did what he had to do since she is an A.I. and he is a Spartan. That didn't mean anything for bond between them, but he feels attach to her. Gold can walk down only to see the station Cairo is just one of the UNSC defense platform to defend Earth from any invasion. Unware to him, the events are about to unfold that Covenant found the ring and this time he has a feeling that the war is coming at the late stages.

Halo 1 Arc part 2
This is the part 2 which I had problems with the st.ash writer thing. I wished I could had the image preview for the document version, but sadly no one wants to do a picture. 
For those who didn't know and unaware that I was gone for over 40 days mostly because of Lent Season I had. Yes, I'm a Catholic and proud of it. I had a promise myself to avoid Deviantart in such as a social medium terms. Although, I did check from time to time except no replies or making anything at all. 

Sorry for those who had reply back to me and other reasons.

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