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Legion by BurenErdene

This picture is very unique and awe-inspiring. I see the picture where a Roman legion standing their ground against a barbarian horde i...


Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Theatre of Parodies Present:


Red as Dutch
Green as George Dillon
Silver as Mac Eliot
Gold as Blain Cooper
X as Billy Sole
Black as Jorge “Poncho” Ramirez
Lack-Two as Rick Hawkins
Yellow as Anna

Warning: Based on the original film, there will be some content will be offensive to the female readers. It was written in 1980s where men were men and political correctness was non-existant. I don’t mean any harm or being offensive to women.

A lone spaceship has dropped something as it will hit on a planet called, Earth. It was heading into an area in Guatemala. The object is smoking until something has opened, but the object explodes in the process. That seems whatever the strange object is as no one knows what it is and why did it exploded.

Meanwhile, it’s the year of 1987 where a helicopter carries a badass team of Elite unit composed of Red, Black, Gold, Ruby, X, and Lack-Two. Red steps down of the huey helicopter to meet up with General Surge who has given him a mission to save a Presidential cabinet from the guerrilla base of operations. Red wonders why they pick him and his team until someone he knows as Green appeared.

“Green! You son of a bitch!” Red is joyed to see Green who is in the CIA and they start to have a arm wrestling which Red is dominating as he jokes to Green that he has been pushing down pencils. After they do their arm wrestling, Surge tells the rest of the info and what they must do until Green spoke up.

“I’m going with you.” Green boast which made Red suspicious about Green’s intentions.

“My team works alone.” Red argues with Green, but it doesn’t matter as the team and Green heads out to the mission. At the copter the guys are talking about……..

“You see that Whi-two has a nice-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[I do apologized for the female readers to find this offensive, but it is part of the story due how the original Predator had those moments. We will resume back to the story]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ass. I like her pussy. Sometimes she plays hard to get which I love.” Lack-two explains his life story that he always like to have sex with whi-two.

“You think Whi-two is hard to get. I got a certain blue-hair gal back home that makes Whi-two a coward. Crystal will make any guy into a Sexual tyrannosaur. Just like me.” Gold said. Soon, they reach to their drop zone and head out to the jungle.

Upon walking and hiking in the jungle to find a group of Green berets who are skinned and hanged from their feet as Red knows this man as Hopper who was sent here. They took the bodies down from the tree. They head to the rebel base and prepare to attack there. Red planned the attack. After much time later, they attacked the rebel base along with their Soviet advisors. Lack-Two comes up to Gold who is bleeding in the arm.

“You’re bleeding man!” Lack-Two said.

“I ain’t got time to bleed.” Gold beastly said.

“It’s time to duck!” Lack-Two said as they continue to kill off the rebel soldiers. After the destruction of the rebel base. Red realized something as he found Green who was looking at the documents.

“YOU SET US UP!” Red shouts at Green as Red pin him to the wall. Green describes the why Green Berets tries to rescue two CIA agents. Much later, they are about to leave for their extraction point where Green takes a blonde hair gal.

“She’s your baggage. If you get fall behind, you are on your own.” Red tells to Green when he looks at the yellow-hair girl who shy away from Red. The two other guys take her, but Silver whispers to Green.

“Hey, over here. Turn around.” Silver tells Green as he takes the scorpion off from Green’s back.

“Thanks.” Green said as he joins with the others along with Silver. Before that, Lack-Two comes up to X for a strange joke that no one can make out. Suddenly, he left that X just laughed where no one was looking and joins with the others.

Then something spooks X and looks up at the trees as Red comes to his side. The blonde hair girl attempts to escape from her captives until Lack-Two captures her. Lack-Two heard something as it takes him away. The others found her alone with blood stains. They tried to ask her what happen to Lack-two.

“She said that jungle came alive and took him.” Black translate to Red.

“Can we hope to find Lack-Two?” Red asked.

“Can’t tell…” Black sadly replied.

“I don’t know!” Yellow said in Spanish.

“What do you mean?” Black said in Spanish until Green spoke up.

“Bullshit! She doesn’t make any sense.” Green said.

Meanwhile, Gold with his minigrun searches for Lack-two had come across that something hit in his arm and suddenly blasts out of his chest. Silver heard the noises as he spots something was about to take Gold, but only bright eyes from its invisible body. He takes Gold’s minifigure to fire upon the forest to kill the thing along with the others.
They managed to land a wound as the greenish blood on the plant despite wasted all their ammo to hit nothing.

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.” Red boasts as they prepare the trap for their hunter. They worked for long until they get it ready.

“You really think this Boy Scout bullshit will work?” Green skeptical about the plan will work. Red acts as bait while it caught the creature, but it uses laser to get out as it hurt Black. Silver goes out to carry out to kill the creature to avenge Gold. Green gets Silver, but they agreed to take it down. Sadly, the creature uses the laser cannon to blow off Silver’s brains and uses the wrist blade to stab Green.

The others retreat to the extraction point, but X suggest they run as he prepares to face the creature in a epic showdown. A moment later, they heard X’s scream that is the message he slain by the monster. The creature catches up to them and kills Black. Yellow tries to pick up the weapon, but Red kicks it off. He tries to kill it, but the laser destroyed his weapon. He looks at Yellow.

“GET TO THE CHOPPER!” Red yelled at her as she left him and Red starts to run away from the creature into a waterfall. He got mud on him as the creature ignore him and Red realizes this as he sees the creature without his invisible cloak.

“He couldn't see me?” Red said as he prepares another trap and he is not wearing a shirt as he covered himself in mud. He prepares his weapons while the predator collects his trophy skulls of Red’s team. Red then creates a large fire and yelling with a loud war cry as the predator heard it.

It came to investigate until Red ambush him that caused him to go berserk. However, the predator found Red. The predator looks at Red as it decides to discard its laser cannon and about to remove his helmet. Red can only look with horror as the Predator removes his helmet mask.
The mask drops into the water to reveal as Red sees in shock to find the face of a Predator with mandibles.

“You are one ugly motherfucker.” Red said in the sight of the Predator makes his scream sounds out of this world. The Predator challenges Red in a one to one fight. Red uses a big stick that didn’t affected the Predator.

“Bad idea….” Red said as the Predator bitch slapped Red and continues to move on. Red managed to hit the Predator, but it made the Predator angry as it continue to punch Red to submission and moves in for the kill. The Predator find Red as he about to enter, but it isn’t stupid to enter due to the sharp sticks. It moves around in order to kill Red, but Red manages to drop the counterweight to crush the Predator. Red comes up to the Predator.

“What the hell are you?” Red asks the Predator.

However, it wasn’t done with Red yet as he activated the self-destruct mechanism. Soon, he laughing maniacally that give Red that he activated a self-destruction sequences and runs away from it. The laughter is louder as the countdown continues until a massive explosion erupts the jungle. Red was able to survive the explosion and rescued by the extraction helicopter.
Nobody gives Red a raw deal…….WAIT, there’s going to be a musical special…..

The Republic Empire Orchestra prepares the song as the hologram of the scenes of the film.

“It’s using the trees.  Watching and waiting. Killing us all one by one. The Chopper is close, but this thing too fast. We won’t make it. It’s pointless to run. Talk. No more games.” Red sings as he holds Yellow close to him.

“I don’t know what it was. But the jungle came alive….” Yellow sings where it shows the part kills Lack-Two.

“Go on.” Red suggest singly.

“It happen very fast. Not easy to described. But you must have wounded it. Unless my eyes deceived me. When the golden-eye man was killed, it’s blood is on a leaves.” Yellow sings as she shows the group on the green blood on the leaf.

“If it bleeds, we can kill it. She discover the key. There is proof we can wound it. So, repeat after me. If it bleeds, we can kill it.” Red sings as Green, X, Silver, and Black join in.

“If it bleeds, we can kill it. Now, take a stand! We bring down this bastard. If we stick down to the plan! If it bleeds, we can kill it. ” Red sings while the other guys repeat the lyics. The Predator growls in the background. X steps up as he watches the jungle.

“Something out there waiting for us.” X sings slowly as Red repeats “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

“Two or three men out there at the most. Am I only one? Who knows which? I don’t believe in goblins and ghosts. Fucking lizard, give me a break.” Green sings at the part where they work on the trap.

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

“We’re Expendable asset”

“Now we make a stand.”

“I awoke up. Why not you?”

“So instead of complained?”

“Boy-scout bullshit’s not gonna to work.”

“Give us a hand!”

“I got nothing else better to do.”

“It going to kill us.” X sings slowly at the part where Red and Green as singing.

“I saw it. I saw it damnit. Those eyes. They disappeared. It cut down my friend. It ran while I emptied that gun.” Silver sings at the part where the Predator retreats from him.

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

“I saw it. I saw it damnit.”

“Stop shaving! You don’t have a beard.” Green sings retorted.

“That thing will come back. When it does, I will have me some fun.”

“If it bleeds”

“If it bleeds”

“I’m gonna have me some fun!”

“If it bleeds! If it bleeds!”

“If it bleeds we can kill it!”

“We can pull out a win!”

“Set a trap for the monster.”

“While we still have our skin.”

“If it bleeds it bleeds we can kill it.

“Two or three men out there at most.”

"I believe it can fail."

“I’m the only know who knows which?

“When you’re feeling downhearted. Just remember the call! It if bleeds, we can kill it!” Red sings
while everyone sings repeating after him while Green objectivity.

“We all going to die!” X sings as the scenes show as the heroes are killed by the Predator. Yellow escaped and Red managed to narrowly evade Predator’s hunt.

“If it bleeds, I can kill it! Now it’s all up to me. Mud all over my body, so the bastard can’t see! It’s a solo campaign now.”

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

“Get revenge for my men!”

“Turn around, Turn around.” Predator uses Silver’s voice.

“Lack-two, Silver, Black, X, Green, and Gold! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Red sings loudly at the part where the Predator finds him. The song ends with Red as the victor against the Predator.

The entire cast goes up stage to the audience as they shout.

“HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” Everyone shouts as the story ends.

Author’s notes: This parody is a risky in terms how in the terms of the content compared to the Alien chapters. If you see this offensive, I will soften and revised this for better reading. That's all of the Halloween specials for you folks. Have a great wonderful Halloween.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Theatre of Parodies presents



Ellen Ripley- Crystal

Corporal Dwayne Hicks- Gold

Carter J. Burke- Eusine

Bishop- Silver

Rebecca “Newt” Jorden- Maisy

William Hudson- Lack-Two

Lt. William Gorman- Ruby

Sergeant Al Apone- Chuck

Jenette Vasquez- Sapphire

Mark Drake-Brawly

Ferro- Whitney

Spunkmeyer- Joey

50 years after the events of Alien, the lone space shuttle arrives at a random ship that is a salvage ship. A bunch of salvagers found two survivors, a young lady and her cat. It was the end of their salvage. They take her to Earth which she woke up in a orbital station.

“Where am I?” Crystal wakes up weakly.

“You’re in health ward. Don’t worry you’re safe. You got a visitor.” Nurse said as a man who is carrying her cat in.

“Hey, how are you, stupid cat?” Crystal pets the cat. She turns to the man.

“Hi, I’m Eusine. I work for the company. Don’t worry, I’m ok guy. You been have unnatural hyperspace.” Eusine said. She wonders for a bit that she doesn’t know the place.

“How long I was at there? I never recognized this place.” Crystal wondered.

“57 years. Luckily, you been found by deep salvage team. Those odds were 1 out 1000. You were lucky kiddo. Or else you could been floating out there forever…..” Eusine said as Crystal felt something in her chest.

That something is made the cat to run away hissing and Burke notices as he grabs a glass to aid her to drink something. But she pushes the glass away it breaks and shakes violently while the doctors come to help her.

“KILL ME!” Crystal yells until she sees something coming out of her chest. It was her worse fears that woken her up. The Nurse suggests to get her something to sleep, but she had enough of it. Later on, she is waiting for the Report of the incident she was in that Burke explains that her daughter died way before she came back.
At the reporting, they been at three hours that Crystal explains the reasons why she had good reason to blow it up. They still believe there was no such thing of the creature she give details which prompt her event.

“Good, I blew it out of the damn airlock” Crystal calmly said until they decided they had enough of her report until she gets really upset.

“Damnit! That’s not all. All of this crap! You can kiss that goodbye!” Crystal yelled until they revoke her license and sent to therapy. While the boardmembers leave, she asks to check it until she finds out that there is a settlement which about 60 to 70 families. She got a bad feeling about this.

LVL-426, “Acheron”, where a colony called Hadley’s hope has population of 158 people along with livestock. Administers received a message from Earth to look at the region where they find it odd to search for something. They sent a family on a survey mission which finds the derelict ship as trouble happens.

Moments later on Earth, Crystal is at her apartment with the cat as she struggles to maintain her sanity after her encounters with the Xenomorph. A knock reveals Eusine and someone else that she closes the door.

“We lost contract with colony in LVL-426.”  Eusine said which she opens the door for both them in. They explain that they would like for her to be an advisor. Lt. Ruby is assigned to command a Colonial Marine platoon. At first, she says no until she had a nightmare that changes her mind.

She joins the crew of Sulaco, a Colonial marine warship where there is a platoon assigned to look into the disappearance of the colony. She meets other marines who don’t take her seriously and mock her about her encounter with the Xenomorph. A certain red-head was asked to do the knife trip where he impressed the marines.

But when he gives Eusine and Look some food, but Crystal spots the white fluid out his hand which triggers her flashback to Cheren.

“You didn’t say anything about an android. Why not?” Crystal wondered why he’s here. Eusine explains that Silver is a different android.

“I prefer Artificial person if you please. Is there a problem?” Silver asked. Eusine explains the event when Crystal had in the past. Silver was shocked to hear and tells that he won’t allow her to be hurt as he offers cornbread to her until she aggressive slap the tray into the floor.

“You get away from me. You got that straight, Silver?” Crystal warns Silver. He goes picks it up and while a certain black hair golden eye marine sees this.

“Guess, that serious gal doesn’t like cornbread.” Gold mumbles. After that, they had a briefing meeting what they are going up against. He tries to explain, but a female marine interrupts her.

“I want to know one thing where they are.” Sapphire mimics the gun finger.

“You kick ass, Vasquez” Gold shout as they do a high five.

“Yea, when someone say Alien. She thought Illegal alien and signed up.” Lack-Two said.

“Hey, fuck you. MAN” Sapphire flips the bird to Lack-Two.

“Are you finished? I hope you are right. I really do.” Crystal looks at Sapphire. Ruby tries to explain to the platoon what they about to until Crystal spoke up.

“It’s one of those things managed to wipe out my crew less than 24 hours. If they found the ship, there’s no know why how many exposed.” Crystal warns to them. Looker suggests they will take a look at it. A marine raises his hand up which Looker wants to know.

“How I get out of this chickenshit outfit?” Lack-Two asks which earned the glare of the sergeant.

“You secure that shit, Lack-Two!” Chuck said until Looker tells to be prep in time.

“You heard the man. Get those asses and elbows. Hudson, come here. COME here!” Chuck tells to Lack-two.

They are preparing for the drop in matter of time as they entered into their combat vehicle into their drop-ship. They enter lvl-426 as the APC landed and deployed the marine platoon towards the complex. It was raining as they entered the complex where nothing is alive and not even a single soul to be find.

Ruby told the marines to get into operations building while he, Crystal, and Eusine enters the complex as Gold and team of marine waited for them. While they about to enter the complex, Crystal halts for a moment that flashed back during the time where they found the ship. Gold came up to her and touches on the shoulder.

“You alright?” Gold worried as Crystal snaps back to reality and they both entered the complex. Later on, they see the containers that has the facehuggers which only 2 are alive and the rest are dead. It wasn’t long until they caught something in the motion tracker which it was a little girl who was hiding in the air ducts. Crystal goes after her as to find her hiding place and her name was Maisy.

She was carrying her Teddursia doll while they tried to get answers from her getting nowhere. Crystal was about to connect to her and tries to get information from her that her parents are dead and the marines are here to protect. Maisy looks up to Crystal with a grim tone.

“That won’t make any difference.” Maisy sadly replied to Crystal’s hope on the Marines. But the Marines was able to find the colonists only to find in the processing station. They enter the station with hopes to save the colonists, but something was not right. Crystal spoke up about the cooling towers that might cause explosion that ended the Marines to give up their ammo.

“You’re fucking crazy?” Lack-two complained which forced to give up their ammo. They saw in horror to find the colonists are cocooned and their chests are exposed much to terror of the hive which it’s hot and way too dry. One of the marines found one of the colonists to be alive, but however it was dead end for the Colonist as the chestburster breaks out of the poor colonist’s chest as the sight is terror to the marines while Crystal sees this when she remembered her nightmares.
Chuck fired the flamehrower to the chestbruster that awaked the hive ended up killing the marines as the chaos Chuck was captured by the xenomorphs that created a rout of the remaining marines. Ruby was in shocked when Chuck was gone.

“Sarge is gone!!! LET’s GET THE FUCK OUT of here!” Lack-Two shouted as the Marines left. A xenomorph tries to grab Lack-Two.

“There’s one behind you!” Gold shouts as he kills the Xenomorph with a shotgun. Crystal takes command of the APC to crash into the wall to save the Marines.

“Marines, we are leaving!” Gold tells the remaing soldiers to get into the APC. However, during the Marine retreat that Sapphire accidently killed a xenomorph that spill acrid on Brawly that killed him. They close the door until the xenomorph gets the door to open until Gold grabs his shotgun into its mouth.

“EAT THIS!” Gold yelled as he shot the xenomorph into bits, but acid touched Lack-two’s arm. They left the station despite Ruby was knocked out unconscious and Crystal run over a xenomorph which caused the APC to be damaged. They are outside of the station and sort of this out. They found Ruby in the back as Gold checks on him until Sapphire snaps at the sight of him.

“Move over! I going to kill him!” Sapphire in anger, but Gold restrains her. Lack-Two looks over the status conditions, but Sapphire suggest they must go back to get them except Crystal tells them it’s impossible since they are already cocooned. After much talking, Crystal suggest to nuke the site at orbit to make sure of it.

The group agreed except for Eusine to nuke the site which Gold is in command now of the marines. He agrees with Crystal and tells Whitney to pick them up along with Bishop after she picks them up. However, Joey got in noticed a slime inside the dropship to reveal the Xenomorph inside the cockpit to kill both Joey and Whitney. That resulted the destruction of the APC and the dropship.

“That’s great, man. Now what the fuck we are supposed to do? We are in pretty shit now, man!” Lack-two sees in horror that they are doomed.

“Are you done complaining?” Gold annoyed by Lack-Two newly founded despair. He lets him go.

“Game over, man. Game over. What we do now?” Lack-Two complains more until Maisy spoke up to Crystal.

“We better go back inside. They come out in night. Mostly….” Maisy said as they soon went back to the complex to set up their defenses. They got the remains of the APC along with four sentry turrets. They used the blueprints to set up their defenses and prepare for siege of 17 days much of dismay of Lack-two that they won’t last 17 hours.

The first wave attacked the tunnel that gotten killed by sentry turrets, but the ammo run out as they violently knocked the pressure door. Later on, Crystal meets with Gold as he checks the laptop with the remaining turrets.

“Hey.” Crystal greeted to Gold.

“Hey, serious gal.” Gold checks on the laptop screen.

“Can you be kind not to call me that?” Crystal looks at the pulse rifle.

“Why not?” Gold turns around only to notice Crystal is looking at the pulse rifle.

“Oh, would like to take a look?” Gold wondered.

“Well, I prefer you to teach me.”

“Why not Sapphire teach you?”

“She’s busy with Silver to take care of Ruby.”

“Alright.” Gold said as he gives her the pulse rifle. He teaches her how to use it in case they will get attacked by the Xenomorphs. She learned very well and heads out of the hall only to find Sapphire helping Ruby along.

“Why she is carrying a pulse rifle?” Ruby wondered.

“Is that a crime to carry a pulse rifle?” Sapphire pouted.

“Well, it’s…..” Ruby tried to say something until punched in the gut.

“You are so such idiot, Ruby.” Sapphire said as they went to operations. Crystal finds Maisy as she takes her to a bed. They get along with each other as they described about their past lives and how they can make it out alive. Crystal gives Maisy a tracker whom was given by Gold as a good luck.
Crystal left Maisy to sleep and returned back to the others. They dicuss how the Xenomorphs come from until Lack-two spoke up.

“Maybe it’s a ant-hive.” Lack-two said until Sapphire correct him.

“Bees have hives you moron.” Sapphire said to him.

“I know. But there’s one big female runs the whole show. The Queen. She’s badass. I mean big!” Lack-Two uses his fingers how big the Ant-queen is.

“These things are not ants!” Sapphire yells at him.

Crystal tells Silver to destroy all specimens when they are about to leave except Silver told her about Eusine want them to be in the company bioweapons lab. Crystal confronts Eusine only to find that he ordered the colonists to find the ship and caused the series of events. That wasn’t until Silver called in Crystal to find the vent of the station meaning the station will blow up as a nuclear bomb.

They knew they are doomed until Silver offered himself to link up the tower since he’s a robot and they can’t harm him. Long after Silver went to the link tower, the xenomorphs attacked again in one of the hallways defended by remaining turrets only to drive them back for a while. It seems hope is their side.

Crystal went to see Maisy and decides to take a nap. Outside, Silver works on the dropship to get them out. However, things are about to get worse when the two containers had the facehuggers are loosed inside.  They tried to open the glass, tried to get on camera which Eusine turned off, and Crystal used her head to trigger the fire alarm.

The facehuggers attacked the two until the cavalry arrived. Gold came to Crystal’s aid and Lack-two saves Maisy’s life as they both killed the facehuggers. The rest captured Eusine as Crystal explains Eusine’s plan much to the Marine’s shocked reactions.

“Fuck. He’s dead. You’re dog meat pal!” Lack-two said until Gold step in.
“That’s it. We waste him. No offense!” Gold picks Eusine up until Crystal suggest to take him until the power went out. It seems the Xenomorphs are coming for them and this time they are climbing on the ceiling. During the assault, Eusine escapes and locked the door from the group only to find a xenomorph to capture him into the hive.

During the retreat, Lack-Two stands up to the Xenomorph after much of his fears of dying is gone.
“Come on, you motherfuckers! DIE MOTHER FUCKERS. COME AND GET ME! COME YOU BASTARDS. WANT SOME OF THIS! FUCK YOU!” Lack-two shouts at the xenomorphs as he kills them until one of them got him blow. Gold tries to save him which it was too late as he was dragged into it.

They opened the locked door and flee into the ducts while Sapphire is covering their retreat that more Xenomorphs are coming. She kills many xenomorphs as she can in terms she can able to get the group until one got on top of her as she uses her leg pin to the wall. She proceeds to kill it with her pistol as that has a drawback to the acid on her.

The group heard her which Ruby tells the others to go as to save Sapphire from the Xenomorphs. Ruby comes in as one pops out of the duct as he fires his pistol to kill one. That was pointless until the ammo run out. He takes out a generade which Sapphire sees this.

“Ruby, you were always been asshole.” Sapphire weakly said.

“I wasn’t. You assumed I was.” Ruby said.

“Do you remember now?” Sapphire asked him.

“Um……..I don’t…..remember…..” Ruby sheepish replied.

“Ruby, you stupid……..” Sapphire about to say the word until the xenomorphs tried to kill them until the explosion kills him. Meanwhile Gold, Crystal, and Maisy tried to get on the ladder until the shockwave forced Maisy to get off the ladder to into the sewers. Both Gold and Crystal tried to get her, but it was too late as the Xenomorph captured her.

At Crystal’s dismay, they must go to the drop ship as they head to the elevator until a xenomorph appeared as Gold killed it. But the acid contracted with Gold’s armor that able to reach to his chest. It wasn't bad on the injury, but it’s fatal as Crystal helps Gold to the dropship. She tells Silver they are not leaving.

She packs up to enter the hive to save Maisy with 15 minutes left. Gold and Crystal has their moment before she leaves.

“Hey, Crys. Be safe.” Gold said which Crystal smilied.

“I will be back. Gold.” Crystal said as she gets off. She goes into the hive as she hears Maisy’s screams. She gets her as she carries until she ran into more eggs that she turned to face the mother of all Xenomorphs, the Queen.

She sees this in terror along with Maisy as the two xenomorphs flanked their queen. The Queen sees the humans until Crystal fires the flamethrower that made the Queen to back off to protect her eggs. They step back until one of the eggs opened which made Crystal upset as she opened fire at the egg and the Xenomorphs attacked her as she gunned them down and goes berserk to destroy all the eggs and uses the grenrade launcher to the queen’s egg sack.

She and Maisy runs away only unaware that the Queen is after them. They get up to find Silver had left, but managed to save from the Queen. They flee from the station as it blows up in a nuclear fashion. Everything is alright in the end until a acid drips into the floor of the Sulaco hanger.
The Queen impale Silver as the Xenomorph queen cuts Silver in half. She goes after Maisy until Crystal distracts her in order for Maisy to hide in the vents. Crystal locks herself as she found something will help her to fight the Queen. The Queen is looking for Maisy and was about grab her.
The door opened to reveal Crystal in a mecha powerloader as she comes to the Queen. She has a very anger in her face as she is very deadly serious at the moment.

“Get away from her, YOU BITCH!” Crystal yelled at the Xenomorph queen. The Queen hissed at her and they began to duke it out. She and the Queen are equal in strength, but the Queen was faster while Crystal uses her skills to match the Queen’s speed.  During the fight, she decides to lure the Queen into the air lock and get her into space.

But the Queen grabs the powerloader to get Crystal in,, but trapping her in. Crystal gets out and opens the airlock while she uses her strength to hold while the Queen is sucked out of space and falls to its death. Crystal climbs up slowly and locks the door.
It was finally over as Maisy comes to hug Crystal and Silver looks at Cystal with respect.

“Not bad for a human.” Silver said.

They put Silver and Gold to sleep as they are about to go to hypersleep as they can dream once more. WAIT! There’s one more thing to do in this parody.

We present you a musical. The Republic Empire Orchestra prepares the song to play out as the holograms are at the works. The center of the stage shows Maisy on the stage.

“This creepy awful place. Hopeless maroon. Things that hug your face. After you’re cocooned.  Everyone is dead, but I am supposed to be impressed because these soldiers are thrown in the mixed. So, take me where the monsters that bursts out of your chest. Far away from LVL-426.” Maisy sings about the events of the film of the experience. Comes alongside with Crystal who sings with the song.

“Lost in outer space. Fifty seven years. The past has been erased. I wake up and I’m in tears. They asked me to go back to be protected by a team. They laughed at me and wasting their time with their tricks. So now, I’m going to die exactly like my dream. Welcome back to LVL-426.” Crystal sadly sings as she described in a teary moment that matches the song very well. Both Crystal and Maisy formed a duet.

“This frighten little girl.”

“She tries to keep me calm.”

“I wonder that can I be that going to need.”

“She reminds me of my mom.” Then Maisy steps up.

“Ruby is incompetent. Sapphire misses Brawly. Gold does what he can. I don’t know what Lack-two can take. Eusine works for the company, he’s in it for the cash. Silver seems ok with me." Maisy described the characters in a verse. Crystal steps up.

“He makes me think of Cheren!”

“Will ever be ok for me to dream. Will anybody hear me if I scream?” Maisy sings to the audience. Then the chorus sings up.

“Far away from LVL-426?”

“You came for me.” Maisy sings as the scene hologram as Crystal saves Maisy.

“Far away from LVL-426?”

“Punch it Silver!” Crystal sings as hologram scene shows they get away from the planet.

“Far away from LVL-426?”

“You get away from her, you bitch!” Crystal sings at the epic showdown of the Queen.

“Far away from LVL-426!”

Light shows to Maisy as she steps up to finish the song.

“I pray there’s no more. No last minute horrible cliffhanger. I wonder what’s in store. I guess it’s up to Fincher. Sweet dreams for Silver, Crystal, and Gold at least for now. Now, we are far away from LVL-426.” Maisy finishes singing as the song finishes as the story ends.

The entire cast comes up to the stage to shout, “HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!”


Author’s notes: The musical at the end is from a Youtube video, Aliens the Musical by Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan. The link is there. Yea, enjoy your Halloween despite it's early to release.
After the Lizard incident, Gold was up to his usual mischief even as he helped Crystal in the lab, much to her dismay. However, as soon as his work in the lab was done it was time for him to become Spiderman again and take down any petty crimes that might offer a clue to Team Rocket's larger operation. After patrol on his secret second job, he was finally able to go back home to his Pokémon and his Aunt in New Bark Town.

On the surface everything appeared to be fine, but at the RocCorp building in Goldenrod city a group of super criminals who had been hired by Team Rocket were meeting. One of the criminals attending the meeting was a mountainously tell figure with blond hair and an electrical battery pack on his back with shockwave equipment. He spoke to the administrators.
"So, we have to grab this web-for-brains Teenager? Sounds like no problem at all," Surge as he punched on hand into his other palm.

"Hmm, this arachnid is somehow of great interest. It seems you'd like to research him. I don't mind assisting you as long I can do my own studies on him," Blaine said as his mechanical tentacles seemed to react with similar interest to his own words.
"Yes, he is. It seems he has the powers of a Spinarak, except for the strings he shoots out," Archer said as he showed them a holograph of Spiderman shooting out string. "I believe that he can help us complete out project ahead of time."

"This lad seems like he would be a good challenge for me," Bruno said as he inspected the holograph. He replayed a clip that showed Spiderman beating a group of Team Rocket grunts. Among the group, Bruno was simply a mercenary who only wished to fight against anyone looked stronger than him.
"This one is unpredictable due to his secret identity, but I have a plan to deal with him. It may involve many things," Archer grins to the three hired men.

The next day at Plain Badge High School, Gold and Crystal were working on several science projects, much to Gold's dismay. Of course Gold was the one to carry the heavy objects that Crystal couldn't, though it was still nothing compared to lifting cars or trains like he had done as Spiderman. Gold was beginning to grow a bit of an ego as Spiderman now that he had earned a reputation in the media.

That night when Gold suited up as Spiderman again he bought his Pokémon along after hearing of a superhero in Kanto used his Pokémon as sidekicks. The truth was he needed all the support he could get from his team. He swung from building to building with String Shot while looking to see if Team Rocket was making trouble again.

After facing a number of different gangs he had given up to look for the man who murdered his Uncle. He landed on the porch of a warehouse and peered inside the window only to see a handful of men from Team Rocket loading something onto a truck to be taken to their one of their secret hideouts.

"Let's get this stuff on board before anyone notices it," one of the Rocket Members said as he directed the carriers to the loading area.

"Well, I hate to do it, but I'm going to have to break the party with you guys," Gold said as he dropped down and overpowered most of group with surprising speed and ease. His Pokémon assisted by taking care of the remaining Rocket Grunts.

"Alright, our job's done. Let's go and…." Gold began to say until he felt that something was approaching. He jumped to the side along with all of his Pokémon to narrowly dodge what appeared to be an electrical shockwave.

"I admire your skills, kid, but you're just an amateur," Surge said as he appeared with his Raichu, Electabuzz, 2 Electrodes, and 2 Magenton. He still carried the battery pack on his back along with gloves that could create shockwaves.

"So what should I call you, then? Wait, how about 'the Cushion'?" Gold pointed out the unusual amount of padding Surge seemed to be dressed in.

"That's a shock. You should know the reason I wear this is so that I can do THIS!" Surge fired a shockwave from his gloves, using his battery pack to increase its power. Gold tried dodge again, but received a minor shock.

"You should also know that I've got my own Pokémon to help me," Surge continued as he cued Raichu and Electabuzz to recharge his battery pack and then signaled for them to attack Gold's Pokémon.
"They call me… the SHOCKER!" Surge fired a series of shockwaves at Gold. With each shockwave he became progressively closer to striking Gold until one bolt finally hit.

"So, is it 'Very Painful' or just 'Sort-of Painful'? I wanna know," Surge asked.

"It's nothing…" Gold lied. The truth was that the blast really had hurt him. Gold narrowly dodged another blast by climbing up the wall.

"It's going to be a blast!" Surge fired yet another one of his shockwave at the wall. Gold dodged by dropping to the ground, but the wall crumbled on top of him. Surge laughed laughs while his Pokémon defeated Gold's in a matter of minutes.

"I did it. He was nothing. Now, get him to RocCorp and I'll……" Surge approached the pile of rubble until Gold rose up.

"I'm shocked you managed to survive." Surge grined as Gold stood up. Explotaro suddenly popped up beside him and released a Fire Blast at Surge's Electabuzz at point blank range. Aibo recovered right after him and landed a double hit on Raichu while Sudobo followed with a Low Kick that took out both Magenton. Polibo, Sunbo, and Togebo were then free to easily defeat the remaining Electrodes while Gold fired a String Shot at Surge to bind his arms.

"I've faced worse things than you," Gold remarked as he remembered fighting The Lizard while Surge managed to break free of the strings. Gold countered with a desperate blow to Surge's face.

"Impressive. You are not bad at all, but can you withstand this?!" Surge fires his shockwaves at Gold again, but Gold escaped by shooting a string at the wall behind them and pulling himself away. Surge fires again while Gold shot another string to the opposite wall and jumped in an attempt to hit Surge, but he was thrown by an electrical charge.

"What was that? You are like an electrical Pokémon!" Gold remarked at Surge's ability.

"You see, I built this suit for a reason. I'm untouchable!" Surge said as he fired his shockwaves yet again. After dodging the electric assault for the 6th time Gold realized that Surge's backpack was his source of his power and come up with a plan of attack.
"Togebo! Sunbo! I need your help! Can you distract Shocker while I get his backpack?" Gold emitted his thoughts to his two Pokémon. They turned to face Surge, but he merely ignored them until Togebo delivered a Headbutt to his gut. Sunbo followed by using Sunny Day to brighten the room in an attempt to temporarily blind Surge.

Gold used the distraction to his advantage and quickly ran around Surge to smash his battery pack.
"…What the?!?" Surge was surprised when his gloves would no longer emit a shock.

"What's wrong? Your tricks aren't working anymore?" Gold said as he pointed to Surge's backpack.

"Hey, that thing cost me money! No matter…It was fun fighting you, but I will come back another day! Let's retreat!" Surge said as he fled along with his Pokémon. The battle had left him exhausted and he had had enough for the night.

"Dammit, that was hard… Let's go home, guys," Gold said as he leaned on Togebo for support until he and all of his Pokémon had made it home. He immediately went up to his bedroom, but it was still around 1:00 am and he would have to wake up again at 8:00 am to get to school.

Amazingly, still managed to wake up on time in spite of a lack of sleep and meet Crystal at train station.
"So, what's new in your heroics?" Crystal deadpanned. She was growing a little weary of seeing Gold all over the local media.

"Oh, I fought some random guy who has these weird… 'Shocker gloves'," Gold recalled.

"…Shocker gloves?" Crystal repeated, raising her eyebrow. She didn't quite understand what he meant.
"Well, it looked like he was powering his gloves with some kind of electric charge; he was able to make shockwaves with them. It was a real pain, too. I had a hard time just trying to avoid the shocks." Gold recounted how Shocker had managed to hit him more than once.

"Then I figured out that his backpack was the source of his power. After that I was able to knock it out and beat him." Gold finished his bragging. Crystal let out a sigh as they reached their destination. They arrived safely at school there hopefully wouldn't be any trouble. After school, Gold donned his suit to prepare for his nightly heroics.

By 10 o'clock pm, Gold and his Pokémon had made it to Goldenrod city to ensure that there were no crimes that needed stopping. It seemed like it would be a quiet night, but deep in the city was a group of Rocket grunts who were hard at work. Gold eventually spotted the group; however, he found that one of them was not wearing a Team Rocket uniform.

"What's this?" Gold said as he moved in closer without being spotted.

"What can it be?" Explotaro wondered as Togebo looked at Gold to offer a suggestion.

"Shouldn't we stop them like we always do?" Togebo said, but he was cut off by Sunbo.

"Maybe we should analyze before..." Sunbo said, except Gold had already jumped into the fray and knocked out all of the Rocket Grunts except for the one who wasn't in uniform.

"Well, are you the one they call Spiderman?" Bruno asked as he turned around.

"So, what do I call you…'Squinty-eyes'?" Gold commented on Bruno's eyes.

"I like your humor, but let's see what you call me after this!" Bruno said as he summoned his Onix, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Machmap. Bruno's Onix lunged at Gold with brute force but he managed to jump out of the way just in time.

"Not bad for an insect-like human, but can you deal with this?" Bruno said as he charged at Gold himself. Gold's spider-sense alerted him to the attack and he prepared dodge the charge a second time, but Bruno suddenly stopped short and hit Gold in the face. Gold was thrown until he quickly turned his body to stick to the side of a brick wall rather than crashing through it.

"I don't know how to deal with this..." Gold thought.

"It's nothing personal, boy. Just call me, the Giant ONIX!" Bruno said, bewildering Gold.

"…Seriously, 'The Giant Onix'? Is that the best you could come up with?" Gold gaped.

"You'll see what I mean," Bruno said as Gold's Pokémon arrived to help him.

"Well, how about a little Pokémon battle then; yours against mine?" Bruno asked with a smile.

"Sorry, but I'm not really interested in battling you," Gold said. He shot a String Shot to bind Bruno's arms, but he was able to break the strings with a mere flex.
"I need to make them stronger…" Gold murmured as he dodged a series of swift punches and kicks from Bruno while Explotaro faced off against Bruno's Machamp.

"It appears that you're fast for a spider-like human, but that just makes it more of a challenge," Bruno said as he wound up for another punch.
"Shocker was worse than you," Gold said as he managed to lift himself up and roll away to avoid more of Bruno's punches.

"Ah, so you've met my colleague? I'm very surprised that you were able to beat him," Bruno grinned as his Onix loomed over Gold until Politaro sprayed a powerful Water Gun directly at it. While Bruno was still stunned Gold took the opportunity to use his String Shots to cover Bruno's face before binding his body.
"I have done my share. Onix, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Machamp, let's retreat and fight another day," Bruno shouted to his Pokémon before standing up and retreating. Gold then returned home with his Pokémon, but was unaware that he was being followed.

"You did well, Bruno," Blaine as he appeared, followed by his mechanical tentacles. Blaine had observed both of Spiderman's recent battles.

"That lad is very sturdy. He was able to endure my worse punches and has a witty sense of humor." Bruno said as Blaine has seen the data and combat skills of Spiderman.

"Intriguing, but it doesn't matter. In a few days, I will get him and catch him for Giovanni." Blaine said with a sharp snap of one of his clawed tentacles.
In New Bark Town, Gold is exhausted from his battle with Bruno.

"Geez, that was harder than I thought it would be..." Gold sighed as he lay down on his bed.
"Well, it could be worse." Explotaro said, but the Volcano Pokemon was exhausted as well.

That night Gold had not been able to go to sleep until Midnight. It felt like all too soon before he had to wake up again at 8 pm. This time, however, he used a bit of extra help in getting to school on time by using his String Shots in the wooded area in spite of getting hit by multiple branches.

It was a normal day at school, but under the tutoring of Crystal Gold was now beginning to get higher grades than ever before. Not only that, but the girls were becoming bolder than ever when trying to get his attention. Gold was enjoying his new life style because it mean that he was able to spent more time hanging out with Crystal and he also enjoy being popular in school.

Meanwhile, in a different part of Plain Badge High School, there was a meeting of the "Gym Leaders"; a secret group from both Kanto and Johto. The leader of the group as a whole was none other than Lance. Whitney was also among the group, though she was most recent member to enter the group.

"…Now on to business," Lance began. "Some of you may recall the incident in Kanto where the criminal activities of Team Rocket was stopped by one teen three years ago," he addressed the group.

"Lance, we know the story, so what are you getting at?" Clair, Lance's cousin, demanded to know why he would bring such a story up out of the blue.
"There's something strange going on now, and I think there might be a connection between RocCorp and Team Rocket. We know that the CEO of their rival company, Siliph Corp., is the same person who defeated Team Rocket. The question now is if Team Rocket has moved from Kanto to Johto?" Lance stated his theory.

"Are you saying that RocCorp has Yazuka connections?" Jasmine wondered what Lance could have meant.

"In a sense, yes, but we don't know. We must keep a lookout for them. And not only them, but the person who is fighting against Team Rocket now, Spiderman." Lance stated.

"You mean the one who fought the Lizard when he tried to tear the school apart?" Bugsy asked. He had already seen the news about the incident.

"I think the Lizard had something to do with Team Rocket. And Spiderman is only way to unlock the mystery behind it, but the real problem is his identity. We need to find his identity. He seems to be around the same age as all of us," Lance said until Whitney rose up.

"He could be anyone, though! Hell, we might never even find this guy even if we tried," Whitney objected that finding the real Spiderman would be a very arduous task. Even they did find him, would he really aid them or just turn against them?

"Don't worry, we will find a way," Lance said as the meeting concluded.

Later that night, before 12 am, Gold string shot his way around Goldenrod city. "Boy, it seems quiet around here," Gold thought as he stopped for a moment. Then, something triggered his senses and he jumped to the side to avoid being hit by something that had attacked him from the rear.

"Well, well… It seems I found you, arachnid." A determined voiced said as metal tentacles appeared followed by the rest of Blaine.

"No, no, let me guess…." Gold snapped his fingers until he got an idea.

"Oh! You're an Octopus!"

"Not just an Octopus, I am Doctor Octopus!" Blaine's tentacles slashed out at Gold and he quickly twisted his body to dodge.

"I will enjoy dissecting you."

It was becoming harder for Gold to continue avoiding Blaine's tentacles because there were four of them. Gold tried to use his String Shot to bind them and even the odds, but it did no good.

"You see boy, these were designed to withstand even nuclear power," Blaine stated as he rippeds off the strings with ease.

"I'm in trouble… I hate to break it to you, but I think you belong to the ocean with the rest of ntilyour kind," Gold said as he tried to escape another lashing until he was finally caught by Blaine's tentacles.

"I've learned all about you thanks to my colleagues, but you know them as Shocker and Giant Onix. It looks like I've got the upper hand." Blaine explained, leading Gold to realize that he worked for Team Rocket as some kind of mercenary.

"I don't know about that. Sometimes I can be…unpredictable!" Gold used his strength to break free of Blaine's tentacles. He was shots into another building and quickly followed by Blaine. They continue through the building while Gold shoot a large web.

"…All-or-nothing!" Gold used his web as a sling shot to fling Blaine off of the building, but Blaine used his tentacles to prevent falling. Gold took the chance to use another series of String Shot that proved to be more effective now that Blaine was using his tentacles to climb the building.

Meanwhile, in another building nearby, two people watched as Spiderman fought Blaine. It was Lance and Jasmine.

"You think he might help us?" Jasmine asked with dire concern.

"I think so. He might just help us to deal with Team Rocket after all," Lance reassured as Spiderman got close to Blaine to rip off one of his tentacles.

"You ripped my baby!" Blaine whined as he inspected the stump where his lost tentacle used to be.

"…'Baby'? You could just rebuild it, except I won't let you," Gold declared.

"You may have won, but it's not over," Blaine warned as he retreated.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Gold shouted after him, but Blaine had already disappeared into the darkness of the alleyways.

"Boy, I need to stop running into all of these strange bad guys. Then again, I like being a hero," Gold used his String Shot to swing out of the city and return home.

Over the course of the next few nights, something from space steadily made its way to Earth and finally landed near New Bark Town. The only one to have witnessed the object's landing was none other than Professor Elm. After having been The Lizard, Elm had set up his own lab in New Bark Town where he could be with his family. His life had been living a peaceful life again ever since. He looked over the meteorite and discovered that there was something inside of it.

"What is this?" Elm gingerly touched the strange object. It felt sticky and gooey. Elm then took it to the lab where he was able to put the meteorite in a special container. He took a small sample from the meteor and checked it under the microscope.

"What is this substance? It almost seems like it….alive. It is not a Deoxys, but something else….hmmm; I must keep this a secret. Meteorites are valuable nowadays, after all. I must not allow fall in the wrong hands….again." Elm sighed. The last time this had happened to one of his discoveries it had nearly cost him his life.

The substance inside the meteorite continued to move slightly until it almost seemed to realize that it was trapped. Suddenly, something appeared to catch the blob's attention. Sitting across the room from it was a TV with the News turned on. The current story was a report about Goldenrod City and Spiderman. The blob almost looked curious about the image on the screen.
Theatre of Parodies preview:

After the events of Alien, we bring you an abrigde story of......

Gold with some others are about enter world of pain......

More Xenomorphs!!!!!

Blood and gore!!!!

Horror and terror!!!!

But this time, Crystal will have to face her fears....

Starring Silver as an Android or he prefer Artificial person.

Lack-two as Hudson

Sapphire as Vasquez

Gold as Hicks

The first acting debut of Maisy who plays as Newt

They will be on war against the Xenomorphs in Lvl-426.

Colonial Marines vs. dreaded army of Xenomorphs.

Coming in this Halloween!!!!!

This time, It's WAR!!!
Working on research, two assignments, and one book review. How hard is that be?


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