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Legion by BurenErdene

This picture is very unique and awe-inspiring. I see the picture where a Roman legion standing their ground against a barbarian horde i...


Theatre of Parodies preview:

After the events of Alien, we bring you an abrigde story of......

Gold with some others are about enter world of pain......

More Xenomorphs!!!!!

Blood and gore!!!!

Horror and terror!!!!

But this time, Crystal will have to face her fears....

Starring Silver as an Android or he prefer Artificial person.

Lack-two as Hudson

Sapphire as Vasquez

Gold as Hicks

The first acting debut of Maisy who plays as Newt

They will be on war against the Xenomorphs in Lvl-426.

Colonial Marines vs. dreaded army of Xenomorphs.

Coming in this Halloween!!!!!

This time, It's WAR!!!
Working on research, two assignments, and one book review. How hard is that be?
Just doing work......two book reviews as to turn one before midnight......and do work on two assignments as to turn them in Sunday.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Halloween shorts: Alien

A spaceship where the crew woke up. The group composed of Diamond, Pearl, Black, Cheren, Green, Crystal, and Bianca are wake. “Mother said we need to check on the distress signal she found.” Green said as the ship goes to LV-426.

"This signal looks like a warning." Crystal said. Black looks at the xenomorph egg. "It seems to have life?" Black said until a facehugger attacks him.

They witness the creature on Black with shock. “My god.” Cheren said. After much later, they see it’s not there. “It’s gone!” Cheren said until they found it dead.

"It’s dead." Cheren pokes it. Then Black woke up. "Then there was the smothering. Can I have something to eat?" Black said as they head to the kitchen.

Then something violent shakes Black which a chestburster appeared and it ran away. Soon, it turned adult to kill Diamond and Green. Then Crystal fights Cheren only he is acting weird.

"Cheren is a damn robot!" Pearl shouted.

"You can’t kill it!" Cheren head said knowing they are dead.

"We’ll blow up the ship." Crystal suggested. Later on, the xenomorph killed Bianca and Pearl as Crystal escaped from the ship.

Crystal in her shirt and underwear thought she was safe until the xenomorph appeared. “Lucky star.” Crystal said as she open the airlock to drive off the xenomorph into space. Now she is safe from danger.

"This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostomso. Signing off." Crystal reported as she goes to hyperspace.


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So, yea

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