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Legion by BurenErdene

This picture is very unique and awe-inspiring. I see the picture where a Roman legion standing their ground against a barbarian horde i...


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Oh, I am nobody who happens to be a fanfic author. If anyone wants to ask me, comment below.

So, yea

Nintendo 3DS: 0190-0042-7998

You may see my Fanfic profile:

Those who wishes to speak with me go here:…


Just note me if you want to chat:…


For anyone has steam, do add me if you want to:…

Donate if you wish:……


Imperial Rants #1

What really grinds my gears is that why I am in tumblr to began with? Well, I did it not for other useless repost stuff unless it got my interest. My stuff is virtually unknown as it now because nobody cares what I do. I am proud of my work. It’s just nobody cares of this person’s hard work is going down in the drain. 

What makes it unrealistic that I am making a series based on Three Kingdoms into a science fiction style that nobody seems to care. yea, sure I can post and share this to other fan sites of Three Kingdoms especially Dynasty Warriors. This what I consider the possibility, NOBODY will care about my work. 

What is wrong with everyone? Does anyone cares at all except those who like it and reblogged which I thank for. I should get some damn respect for my hard work and not going anywhere! This is what bugs me that in Deviantart that writers don’t get much respect at all.

In, there’s a common thought that majority are fan girls who write stories. Some are crap and others are good. I had written my own fanfic before retirement from writing them which I should act as producer in collaborations. I had written good ones and bad ones, but I  should have the right to be acknowledge at all. However, I don’t want unnecessary attention which I am grateful for.

For those one who will think I wanted attention, you are dead wrong. The ones who work really hard and had the time in the world to write their plot unlike those shouldn’t write it to began with. For those I kept asking them to review my stuff except those who did it are the ones who should explain why they can’t do it because they haven’t kept their word at all. 

What considered my own opus magus fanfic work is Super Serious AI and the Spartan which it’s a Pokemon Special/Halo crossover. In the story focuses on Dexholders and certain characters in Pokemon Special place them in the Halo Universe and how they would interact with the Halo Universe. Also it has heavy deconstruction of Child soldier tropes that how they had to endure in a war of extinction. 

Yea, it’s not perfect. To me, it’s a masterpiece that need to be worthy among crossover fanfics. Well, I’m done to rant about this. You can all do as you pleased.

I might ask for anyone who will do commissions as concept art for Three Empires. But I need more time and money to get it. However, I am considering a Patreon to cover the expenses since I got a student loan debt to pay while maintaining other expenses as well.
Three Empires: Downfall of Zhuo Nero (Rough Draft)
I presented you all the entire first movie script of the Three Kingdoms as the First Episode is the first five pages long in March. If you like to take part, you can note me about it. The plot is based on Romance of Three Kingdoms including the Historical events. it is a Sci-Fi verison with Science Fantasy in it.

Characters in bold are the main characters. Ones are bold and underlined are characters will have larger role in later seasons even the minor characters as well. Auditions end at February 29th.

Cast wanted for:

Female roles-


Lady Lingqi

Sun Titus’s Mother



Male roles-

Sulius Cao

Zhuo Nero


Baron Von Bu


Guest #2

Antony Yi

Marius Cao

Governor Cao

Yuan Cato

Munity General

Zhang Varro

Guan Pompey

Liu Stilicho

Sun Titus

Zhuo Nero’s Aide


Court Official

Court Official #2

Hua Longus

Hu Flaminus

Wei Flaccus

Gaius Cao



Qu Sertorius

Yuan Ohto

Yuan Cato’s aide

Sun Titus’ aide

Gongsun Plautius

Council members

Council Member #3


Unisex roles-



Imperial Marine- Efrain Morales

Sailor- Efrain Morales

Shuttle Pilot

Control Tower Operator

Mercenary Trooper


Villager 2

Xu-Ome Officer

Garrison Guard- Efrain Morales

General #1

Admiral #1

General #2

Admiral #2

Coalition Officer

Coalition Officer #2

Coalition Admiral

Hex Officer

Hex Naval Officer

Mercenary Commander

Defense Station Commander- Efrain Morales

Longus’ Aide

Sulius Cao’s naval officer

Tullius’ Naval Officer

Hua Longus’ naval officer

Note: Comment if you wish to take part of the series. What is need is email and name to get the script.

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I never watched it because I knew it's Titanic with a Volcano.  Spartacus from 1960 was way more realistic than that.
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Hi there! :wave: I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for adding several of my works to your favorites! I'm glad to see you liked them enough to favorite them and I appreciate the support. :love: Also, just in case you're interested, I'm currently holding a fandom crossover art contest that is open for anyone to join! If you think you'd like to submit an entry in any medium/format (including written works), please feel free to check out my journal for all the info. :nod: Thanks again!
RepublicEmpire Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015
I will enter the contest. I got one crossover story finished and ready.
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