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This picture is very unique and awe-inspiring. I see the picture where a Roman legion standing their ground against a barbarian horde i...


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Oh, I am nobody who happens to be a fanfic author. If anyone wants to ask me, comment below.

So, yea

Nintendo 3DS: 0190-0042-7998

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Feeling being myself at this time, what I do? Mostly everyone is busy come to think about it.
I'm done with the all questions and asking. I just let everyone be.
For those who didn't know and unaware that I was gone for over 40 days mostly because of Lent Season I had. Yes, I'm a Catholic and proud of it. I had a promise myself to avoid Deviantart in such as a social medium terms. Although, I did check from time to time except no replies or making anything at all. 

Sorry for those who had reply back to me and other reasons.
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(Contains: violence/gore)
Ch. 35- THE ARK

They encounter the remaining of Truth's fleet against the Human-Sangheili fleet. Soon, everyone gets ready for the ground combat. Dexholder squad of 9 members plus Gold is getting their weapons ready. Silver joins the squad along.

"Marines! Get into your pelicans!" Johnson shouts as All the marines get inside the pelicans

"Hey, Sarge. Where are we going to?" Black asked to Red.

" It's called the Ark." Red said.

"What will look like?"

"Idiot, didn't you hear the little robot thing told us?" White told to Black as she slap his head in the side.

"NO, don't remember." Black replied back as everyone facepalm.

"But good news squad, we are having Lt. Platinum along with us. Enjoy the ride while listen to this music I found." Diamond said as he gets the engines on.

"Like what?" Gold wondered .

"Doors are closing. This is it. There is no turning back." Red said while the doors are closing.

"This for the fight for our species, but all species to save in entire galaxy. So, let's fight!" Diamond said as he turns one the music that it was a relic from 1990s. It was Voodoo Chile by Steve Ray Vuaghn as the Pelican drops down as the space battle rages on.

"This is our last battle." Green said.

"Looks like it." Blue said as she holds on Green's arm. Gold goes to the cockpit on the pelicans to see as they about to go through the space battle above Ark as they going to Ark surface. Diamond and Pearl are piloting the Pelican while Gold and Platinum are watching the awe of the space battle as Covenants ships battling of the Sangheili ships.

"Ever feel you have a bad feeling about this." Ruby said.

"You always have bad feeling about this." Sapphire shouted at Ruby.

As the pelican follows with other pelicans as they enter the air space of the Ark until the doors are open showing the outside which it is the Ark.

"What then? Is this the ark?" Black said as they flying in the desert.

"It looks like it." Gold said as he grabs a sniper rifle.

"Alright, let's go! We have clear this area for the Commander's ship to land." Red said as they got off of the pelican as Ataru carries assault rifle and a battle rife in his back.

"We have orders to secure Master Chief's right flank. So, let's go!" Red said as a group of 9 people goes on as they face covenant forces on ground.

"You two, secure this entrance." One of the Brutes ordered the two Jackals to guard the entrance.

"Yes, sir!" Jackal said as the Brute chief goes inside the building.



"Ever know why we are here?"

"What are you talking about? We are here for the Great Journey, stupid!"

"Ohhh, I thought we are just we are on vacation."

"You know what, I wish you were dead and be out of my way." One of the Jackals said until something kills the Jackal

"Larry? Larry? Not funny, Larry? Huh? Where those come from?" Jackal said as something kills the Jackal.

"Nice shot, Black." Red commented on Black's kill on the headshot.

"Thank you." Black thanked Red.

"Yeah, sneak attack!" Sapphire shouted which Gold signals the squad to stop.

"Not quite, there is a Brute with group of grunts coming from Northwest. Let me handle them." Gold said until he was joined by Silver.

"Hey! I got this." Gold said.

"You need my help more than I do. I'm coming." Silver said as both of them goes to face them in battle as Silver is going to use a plasma grenade.

"Those hertics thinking they can ruin our sacred mission." One of the Brutes said.

"Hey, Ludwig." One of the Grunts asked to another.


"I got a bad feeling about this?"

"You always have bad feeling about everything." Grunt said until a plasma grenade sticks on Brute.

"What the…?" Brute said until the grenade kill him.

"On a second thought…RUN!" Grunt said as they run away as they are right into the marines until the grunts are killed.

"Nice work, Gold and Silver." Red said.

"That was nothing. It was mine I did the job." Gold said as he nuzzles his helmet.

"Liar" Everyone said.

"Dexholder squad! Gear up! We are moving out." Platinum said from the radio.

"You have to link up with the rest of the squads and get inside in that building." Platinum said as they move out.

"There will be more covenant forces?" Red asked.

"Sadly, yes." Platinum said.

"That's nothing new." Emerald said.

"Yeah, those great and wonderful forerunners left big pieces of junk on outer space for us to be discovered." Black stated.

"Gold, you take point." Red said.

"Like always." Gold said as he takes point and while inside in the build he a moment of halt as in flashback Crystal spoke to him back on High Charity.

"Gold, you are more brave when you're true self reveal." Crystal said. Back on the present moment

"What's wrong, Spartan?" Silver asked.

"Nothing. Nothing is wrong." Gold said.

"I see. Let's continue."

"Right." Gold said as they fight their way through as they reach the main panels to know about the Ark as the Milk galaxy holo appears.

"Dude, we are beyond the galaxy." Black was surprised they are beyond the galaxy.

"So we are first people to explore beyond our galaxy?" White exclaimed at the hologram.

"Cool! We are beyond our galaxy." Blue said.

"Where exactly?" Green asked.

"We are in the Halo of the galaxy." White said.

"Weird? The rings we called them, but we are actually Halo region of our galaxy." Gold said as they move out.

"True to that." Silver said until More Covenant forces appear in Phantoms

"Those guys don't give up ever." Gold comment as how they don't ever give up. They begin to fight back as Covenant forces are battling. During the firefight, Gold turns to see Black as a shadow appeared.

"Watch out!" Gold shouted which earn Black's attention.

"Huh? Oh…." Black said as a Brute Chief is about to hit Black with Gravity hammer until Gold took the hit in the head as he flies to the ground.

"Spartan!" Silver shouted as Gold gets up.

"Gold! We are coming to help you." Red said which he saws Gold to stop. He then removes his helmet. The helmet drops to the ground as the helmet's visor is broken. Then he stands up and turns as for everyone can see his pure golden eyes.

For the Covenant troopers, the grunts and jackals fled in fear.

"It's the beast! Run!" Grunt shouted as they run away as the Brutes stand their ground.

"So. The beast, eh? It's just apuny human!" Brute Chief tires to hit Gold again until the hammer was stopped by Gold. He sees Gold's eyes in fire as he punches the chief in the side of the face. Then more Brutes come to Gold while to side thrust at one of the brutes who dropped his spikers.

Gold was able to grab the spikers in duel wield and killed 6 Brutes with it. More Brutes appeared with their weapons ready as Gold fires the spikers at them. The entire squad watches in dismay.

"That….is Gold without his helmet, right?" Blue dumbfounded what she saw that Golden eyes like somehow to Yellow's own. Gold then takes a Brute shot as she stabs the Brute in the stomach area and slashes two of them with the blade. Then two hunters appeared as the Brutes retreat to be protected. Then Gold charges at them as he dodges the explosions.

"So the myth is true." Silver said.

"What?" Green asked.

"The myth of the Beast is true. Long ago, during the Forerunner Empire there was a single being that was able to wipe out a division. According to it, only the those in the bloodline can have the golden eyes as it possess power greater than anything." Silver explains.

"Wait! I know who he is now!" Red said.

"What do you mean?" Blue said.

"He's Yellow's Cousin! I thought he died from a disease!" Red said as he remembers that Yellow had a cousin before who died 10 years old.

"If that means that one Yellow knew was a fake and this one is….the real one." Green said as they see Gold was able to take down a Hunter with a single punch and able to use kill another with plasma stuck in its body resulted the whole body exploded.

"No, Kill him!" Brute Chief said as they charge to him. Then Gold was able to use the needlers to shoot a barrage of needles towards the Brutes that kill them out.

"Your turn." Gold coldly said as he stare the Brute Chief down with his golden eyes.

"You will die like the rest of your species!" Brute chief said as he able to hit Gold with Gravity hammer. But the Brute Chief felt something in his stomach area as Gold did stab him with a knife.

"Impossible, then it's true. You are a beast. A beast that can't be killed nor cannot died." Brute said as he steps back.

"But that won't stop me!" Brute chief said while Gold throws the Knife that hit his eye.

"He's all yours!" Gold said as he looks at the others. Then the Dexholder squad and Silver finished the Brute Chief off. Then the Pelicans appear

"Pelicans are here. Let's roll!" Gold said as soon they got in the pelican until the robots appear

"You got to be kidding me." Sapphire said. But the robots ignore our heroes.

"I hope we don't get to fight them." Emerald said as they leave the cartographer, Gold looks at the open bay door.

"Bye" Crystal said.

"Crystal. I can't forget about you. Besides I can't die not yet until I get to see you again once more, I Promise you." Gold said as the Pelicans left for a new mission
For those who didn't know and unaware that I was gone for over 40 days mostly because of Lent Season I had. Yes, I'm a Catholic and proud of it. I had a promise myself to avoid Deviantart in such as a social medium terms. Although, I did check from time to time except no replies or making anything at all. 

Sorry for those who had reply back to me and other reasons.

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